Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Peasant is Back!

Hello everybody! Your favorite Peasant has returned from
a necessary break to take care of some personal matters of
high priority and great importance.

One of these matters was a move (yes, I moved again). A pain
in the backside but worth it, as I now have a home where I have
more living space. I am in apartment which I share with a
delightful lady who happens to be the daughter of one of the
movers and shakers of the Milwaukee Irish Fest, which as I
have mentioned here in postings past I am much involved in,
and have been for many years as a performer, a volunteer, and
as an attendee. My other activities have been in the realm of
my work as a part-time groundskeeper at a catholic church
in nearby Elm Grove, St. Mary's Church of the Visitation, a
position I have held since last autumn, as well as developing
other sources of income through entrepreneurial endeavors
(more on this in the near future). And despite what our
Fearless Leader, the Great and Powerful Obama wants
so fervently for us to believe, government DID NOT make
any of this happen (more on this in the nearer future!).

Your perpetually moving Peasant is busier than ever these
days but it's all so very good! And of course I shall be at
Irish Fest again, working in the Aer Lingus Stage Music
Booth selling CDs and DVDs as well as setting up and
assisting with the coordination of the autograph sessions
with the music performers who appear on the Aer Lingus
Stage. For those of you, my dear readers, who would like
to attend this year's Milwaukee Irish Fest, it will be held
at its regular venue, the Henry W. Maier Festival Park
which is located at 200 North Harbor Drive, Milwaukee,
right on Lake Michigan's shore. For more information,
visit the festival's website:   www.irishfest.com
There you will get information on admission prices,
entertainment (including concert times and locations),
refreshments, cultural activities for both grownups and
children (Our Irish Fest is a VERY family-oriented event),
and so much more. The dates for the fest are 8/16 through

And feel free to come visit me at the Aer Lingus Stage
Music Booth; your shamrock-tinged Peasant will be on
duty there on Friday 8/17 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Look for a somewhat tall fellow with silver-tinted brown
hair, a white moustache, and wire-rim glasses and say hello!

In closing, we'll get together here at PWAP plenty of times
between now and our Irish Fest! Stay cool and comfy, and
we'll talk again soon!


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