Monday, October 29, 2012

A Lot To Cover in a Short Amount of Time

Friends, your swamped Peasant is going to do something
unprecedented; I shall be posting several times this week,
over the weekend, and on the day before the election (Nov.
6). I am doing this because I have some stories that I wish
to share with you along with my thoughts on them, and I
want to share my thoughts on the election itself here at the
eleventh hour, as it were.

Now I normally post once a week, twice if I come across
something so big, so juicy that it can't wait until the following
week to post for you. But this is a hurried. harried time that
we now find ourselves in, and time is truly of the essence.

I shall post stories breaking here in my home state, Wisconsin,
as well as national stories accompanied by my observations
and thoughts on same. Some of the pieces will be rather brief,
others longer, all being vital to get out. And you will get to see,
read, and share them with your family, your friends, your
neighbors, your co-workers, your fellow church attendees,
your poker pals, your drinking buddies, your hunting/fishing
mates, anyone and everyone who is concerned about the
direction our country is going in and the consequences of the
election coming at us in a mere eight days from today. This is
ammo that you will need to have in order to make the best
choices in the ballot booths on that important day!

We shall finish our election season here at PWAP with a
bang! There shall be some bang-up stories and information
which will further inform and galvanize you for the big day.
The first of these posts will appear here tomorrow.

See you then!


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