Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Case Anyone STILL Needs A Reason to Vote Against Obama

Your always-researching Peasant found a great article
in the September 10 issue of National Review which
gives some humor-coated reasons for denying
President Barack Obama a second term in the White
House. Titled "689 Reasons to Defeat Barack Obama",
NR gives some serious points as to why Obama is
not deserving of another four years as President in
the magazine's signature piercingly humorous style.

You can also find this delightful article at National
Review Online. The link:
In the meantime, here are some choice excerpts from
the piece for your enjoyment. The featured reasons
for voting out Obama are numbered as given by NR.

1) Because he was not the one we were waiting for.
(Peasant's comment: NR lead off with what I felt
was their best --- and wittiest reason --- to vote
against him!)

4) Because lots of people fail at their first real job.

5) Because "Winning the Future" was not a very
good slogan back in 2005 when it was Newt's.

9) Joe Biden.

11) Because he didn't quite get the message in 2010.

12) For claiming that he would cut the deficit in half.

13) And then adding more than $5 trillion in new debt.

14) To remind him that debt used to be, IN HIS OWN
WORDS (emphasis mine), "unpatriotic".

16) For blaming President Bush.

22) Because he listened to the Reverend Wright's
crackpot racist diatribes for years and then gave us
a lecture on racism.

24) Because of an $800 billion stimulus bill.

25) "Shovel-ready" projects.

26) The non-existence of shovel-ready projects.

27) For joking about the non-existence of shovel-
ready projects.

28) Because "jobs created or saved" is Enron

37) "The private sector is doing fine."

54) Revising his tune on the economy in December 2011,
he said: "It's going to take more than two years. It's
going to take more than one term. It probably takes
more than one president." We agree with that last part.

76) Because he values Joe Biden's advice.

91) Because he didn't let a crisis go to waste.

110) MSNBC could use the ratings help.

113) For Obamacare.

115) For passing it to see what's in it.

125) It's racist to say "Obamacare".

126) Except when he says it.

208) Dodd.

209) Frank.

210) Dodd-Frank.

230) Arguing that Bain Capital is the problem
with America.

231) While taking Bain Capital's campaign

285) Joe Biden.

296) Joe Biden.

320) "Big f***ing deal."

325) Biden was asked by the manager of a
custard shop outside of Milwaukee if he was
going to lower taxes. He called the man a

331) "The war on women".

497) "Cash for Clunkers".

500) Gas prices up 100 percent since Inauguration

586) The czars.

587) The fundraisers.

593) Telling the SEIU: "We look after each other!"
True enough.

596) Janeane Garofalo is adorable when she weeps.

602) Have we mentioned Joe Biden?

689) Because you built that.

See the rest of the 689 reasons in NR in print or
online! Enjoy!

NOTE: Your perpetually-in-motion Peasant
is posting this piece a day before Thursday of this
week, as I am facing a rather uncertain day tomor-
row in terms of my schedule, and am not sure if I
shall have time to be online then. And, this item I
am sharing is much too good to hold for another
couple of days, let alone longer! I wanted SO much
to share this with you, my fantastic readers, at
the earliest opportunity. Thanks all!


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