Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thoughts on the Biden-Ryan Debate

Your eager Peasant just couldn't wait to share commentary
on the Vice Presidential candidates' debate which took
place just the day before yesterday. What a study in
contrasts! We had a candidate who was polished, polite
and professional in demeanor and presentation face off
against a candidate who behaved like an arrogant,
condescending ass and an absolute buffoon. Your bemused
but studious Peasant gives his nod to Republican Vice-
Presidential candidate Paul Ryan for his having command
of the facts regarding the issues discussed, as well as
not getting ruffled by and rising to the bait of Vice
President Joe Biden, who showed incredible belligerence
and contempt toward his opponent. But then, Biden,
like the Obama administration as a whole, has little
time and even less use for anyone who disagrees with
and actively opposes their stands on the issues facing
our country, be they Republican politicians or We the

Now, the current veep didn't behave so boorishly toward
GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin four years
earlier in their debate; in fact, to his credit, Biden was
quite the gentleman. He made sure not to give any hint of
treating the first female Republican Vice Presidential
nominee as a less than worthy opponent. So why did
Joe act like a schmo toward the first GOP nominee in
fifty years that even the most partisan members of the
VP's own party acknowledge as a serious, intelligent,
and formidable person?

During the very smooth, very polished performance by
U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the incumbent Vice President
showed a disconnect between his derisive laughter
at, along with his many interruptions of, his foe and
what Ryan actually said. And Biden was not stopped,
nor even warned by the moderator who looked so
much like she was trying to help Biden get an undue
and unfair advantage; she cut off Ryan herself,
depriving the GOP candidate of the opportunity to
respond to Biden's wild criticisms of Ryan's points,
at one point even switching the topic as if to spare
Ol' Joe from a possible skewering by Ryan. As the
debate progressed, it looked more and more like
Rep. Ryan was facing not one but two opponents
working as a veritable tag team. But if all this was
a stratagem it failed miserably, as the Wisconsin
congressman was not the least bit fazed nor rattled
by either Biden's antics nor the moderator's actions.

The debate was quite uncomfortable to watch for
many people, both those supporting the GOP ticket
and those backing the incumbent team. An acquain-
tance who is planning to vote for the Obama-Biden
duo watched the proceedings and told me that she
was yelling at her TV "Joe, quit the crazy laughter!
Quit cutting Ryan off!". Indeed, Biden looked so
immature, even adolescent next to his 27-years-
younger opponent.

In post-debate interviews with audience members,
one of the women there remarked that the Vice
President reminded her of her abusive ex-spouse
with the way that he railed against Rep. Ryan.
Another woman concurred, stating that just prior
to the event, she had left an abusive relationship
and that Biden gave her "the creeps" in the same
way that her ex-boyfriend's snickering, derisive
laughter, and constantly talking over her always
made her feel inferior. Now, these ladies viewed
the debate from a conservative perspective and
would not have voted for Obama and Biden
regardless. But Biden's antics likely put off
many other female voters who otherwise would
have voted for the Dem ticket, and for the same
reasons. So much for the Dems' hoping to
capture enough of the women's vote to squeak
by to a victory on November 6.

Joe Biden certainly performed as many, including
your favorite Peasant, expected. And on the heels
of President Obama's butt-kicking by Mitt Romney
it is apparent that the pair at the top of the Demo-
crats' ticket is doing an exceedingly poor job of
selling the electorate on the notion of granting them
another term. There are two debates remaining for
the presidential candidates, but barring an absolute
miracle Obama and Biden will find their shared fate
sealed with their dismissal from their bosses, We
the People. Your buoyant Peasant is looking forward
to delivering these elitist pigs their pink slips!


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