Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Victorious Election Day in Wisconsin!

Wisconsin's left-wingers took it on the chin once again
at the polls on Tuesday, April 2, as State Supreme Court
Justice Patience "Pat" Roggensack routed her lefty oppo-
nent, Marquette University law professor Ed Fallone by
gaining nearly 60% of the votes cast. This victory means
that the Badger State's highest court will retain its 4-3
conservative majority, which will ensure that Gov. Scott
Walker's Act 10 and other legislation crafted and passed
by Walker and the Republican majorities in both chambers
of the legislature will not be stymied, and that the people
of Wisconsin shall have the government they want,
unrestrained and unimpeded. The Democrats and their
allies failed to disrupt Walker and the GOP yet again,
having lost a state election in 2010, an unsuccessful recall
election in 2012, and now having lost a bid to alter the
makeup of the top state court to stop Walker's reforms
there. Act 10, which curbs public union's influence in
state budgetary matters, will be safe to stand, and voter
ID legislation passed by Walker and the legislature will
no longer be held up by liberal courts. Bravo!

In the race for Milwaukee's District 45 judicial seat,
Judge Rebecca Bradley defeated liberal challenger
Janet Protasiewicz to keep the position in conservative
hands. Judge Bradley will be able to continue to have
a strong role in making Milwaukee's streets safer by
taking a tough tack with criminals, and in supporting
both police and residents' efforts.

Sadly, the lefties won one race --- a race of great
importance; incumbent State Superintendent of Public
Instruction Tony Evers handily defeated Republican
State Assemblyman Don Pridemore by a 61% - 39%
margin. In this race Pridemore was for reasons which
confound your favorite Peasant all but completely
ignored by the state GOP and many conservative
groups; Pridemore received very little in campaign
contributions, so little that he could not run any ads
on TV(!). In the days and weeks to come your
inquisitive Peasant will get to the bottom of this
malfunction and have some answers as to why this
happened, but know that even without significant
funds Pridemore was still able to gain around two-
fifths of the total vote. Imagine what he could have
accomplished with sufficient funds! Now Evers
will continue to pump for political-correctness
accented coursework and lax standards in the
core curriculum classes (reading, math, and science).

Anyway, we have much to be thankful for from the
results of this election. We shall continue to build
upon our successes in the days to come!


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