Thursday, April 18, 2013

Keep Boston in Your Prayers

On Monday a terrible catastrophe occurred in Boston,
at the location of its famous annual Boston Marathon.
Two bombs exploded near the finish line while the
race was on, sending ball bearings into the crowd of
people in attendance, injuring over 130, some severely
enough that they had limbs blown off while some others
had to have limbs amputated upon being rushed to
nearby hospitals; there are three known fatalities
as of this writing, one of these victims an eight-year-
old boy.

No suspects have been identified, nor any motive,
but the Boston Police and the FBI are investigating.
In the meantime, my fabulous readers, let us keep
Boston in our prayers, and pray for the victims of
this horrible attack, their families and friends, the
police and First Responders, the FBI, and for the
populace of this big New England city. Let us also
pray for answers to some very serious questions,
and for justice to be served. Your loyal Peasant
shall provide comment when more information
becomes known.

Such times we live in.


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