Thursday, April 11, 2013

Education or Indoctrination?

Your busy Peasant became aware of a program here
in the Badger State which has as its aim the purpose of
inculcating racial guilt in white VISTA volunteers who
work in economically struggling, racially diverse public
schools. According to a report by CNS (Conservative
News Network), Wisconsin's VISTA program, which
is part of AmeriCorps and whose name is an acronym
for Volunteers in Service to America, "wants its white
VISTA volunteers ... to examine the 'privilege' their
Caucasian race confers on them."

Now, this is supposed to mean that white people are
inherently biased, their being aware of said bias being
irrelevant. The state's Department of Public Instruction
has put up a web site titled "Power and Privilege"
which contains links to racial justice workshops,
personal racial bias tests, and other items of a similar
nature. According to this web site, "Not only should you
examine the kind of privilege you bring to your site but
also how power is distributed among the families,
community members, and students you work with."
Just a few of the seminars and links presented on this
web site are:

*What if the Tea Party was Black?
*Materials on Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome
*Only For My Kid: How Privilege Parents Undermine
  School Reform

And the driving force behind this propaganda program?
Recently re-elected DPI Supervisor Tony Evers, whom
I mentioned on this blog just two weeks ago. This is part
of his plan to create guilt in the minds of dedicated VISTA
volunteers, and ultimately schoolchildren, and to brainwash
them into being obedient, servile tools for the left-wing
social planners of the liberal establishment. And guess who
is getting the bill for the costs of designing and implementing
this program? Right you are, my grand readers! Because
it's for our own good, and for the greater good of our
society, our liberal leaders greatly desire us to believe.
They think that we are too stupid, too bigoted, and too
untrustworthy to handle our own interpersonal affairs in
our schools, our workplaces, and our neighborhoods.
Never mind the considerable progress which we, as a
nation, have made in interracial relations over the years.
Never mind the black people who openly acknowledge
that progress, and do not seek a radical overhaul in our
educational system to promote additional progress in
this area of life in our country (anyway, these folks are
written off and ridiculed by liberals --- especially white
liberals --- for thinking this; they are branded "Uncle
Toms" and worse!) And don't forget who established
the liberal establishment and comprises a majority part
of it; whites! Do THEY acknowledge any guilt from
any supposed "white privilege?"

All of this points out the embarrassing lack of support
given to Don Pridemore, Evers' challenger in the recent
election, who received so little in campaign contributions
that he couldn't get even one campaign ad aired on TV
and lost what would have been a winnable race. He
is a true and dedicated conservative who would have
blocked such a program from being carried out. We
should make it very clear to Evers and his allies that we
won't stand for the indoctrination of our children in their
public schools nor our family members, friends, and
neighbors who generously volunteer their services to
our communities through VISTA, and to be forced to
pay with our taxes for it all! It's all part and parcel of
the era of Obama's "Hope and Change" in which the
left-wingers hope to change our great country into
something akin to Chavez' Venezuela. Besides, there
are just as many examples of racism in the black
community and those of Asians and Hispanics; funny
how you don't see liberals working to eradicate
racism in those places. Do they even acknowledge
the existence of racism there?

VISTA volunteers give a year of their lives to work
full-time at a non-profit organization or a government
agency, forgoing a livable income in the process. They
certainly deserve better than this! Ditto our children
in the public schools. And liberals wonder why more
and more parents are seeking alternatives for the
education of their children, to free them from such
a politicized and corrupt education system. And, as
much as a shock this will be to the lefties, this includes
many black and other non-white families!

This misbegotten program is illustrative of government
bureaucracy and political extremism combined for the
control of the people, and is incompatible with a free
society. We must take steps to halt this madness without

The Peasant wishes to thank Freedom Weekly for the
article which brought this story to my attention. It is a
wonderful publication which I have mentioned and praised
in this blog, and heartily recommend it to you, my great
and wonderful readers. It is a Wisconsin-based publication,
and I don't know whether or not it is circulated outside
of my home state, but you can enjoy its online version
at its web site via this link:
for those of you who don't happen to reside in Wisconsin.
The print version is free, as is the online edition. A fine
publication for conservatives offering an alternative take
on the political news of the moment! Enjoy!


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