Thursday, May 23, 2013

Memorial Day Contemplations

My friends, your favorite Peasant is going
to take a little time off to reflect on Memorial
Day, and to share some of my thoughts
regarding this important day with you.

Although I am grateful every day for the service
and sacrifice of our military, especially those who
made the Ultimate Sacrifice, Memorial Day is
the day set aside in these United States for
remembrance of those who had died in battle
for us. Spilled blood and curtailed lives have been
the price of making and keeping our country free;
freedom isn't cheap, but it is no luxury. Rather,
it is a necessity! Freedom is a human being's
natural state. In this state of being, a human
can be all that he can be, wants to be, achieve
what he wants to achieve. All without begging
permission from a potentate, a dictator, or a
bureaucracy. With freedom. a body can create,
invent, express, and become whatever he wants
in order to enhance his own life and the lives of
others, be it providing goods or services, or
creating and building a community, a state,
a nation. All will benefit, and others can join
in and do the same. This is what makes a
civilization work for the greatest good of all.
Our forefathers understood this all too well.
That is why they fought to free thirteen colonies
from the whims of a king and his parliament
of elitist cohorts and established a country
where freedom would be able to flourish,
where the people would have a government
which serves them rather than controlls them.

Sadly, we presently have a government which
believes that our nation can function only by
government edicts, executive orders, and
legislation rammed through and rushed to our
statist president's desk to be quickly signed into
law, sidestepping debate and any feedback from
the people. Our forefathers fought the King of
England for our independence over 200 years
ago, to be an independent and sovereign nation
answerable to no monarch or dictator of any sort,
only to have ourselves be bamboozled into electing
a statist, elitist president who has disdain for our
country's heritage, her people, and her way of
life. In order to preserve the many liberties that
our forefathers sacrificed to give to us long ago,
as well as to honor them and those who came
later also to sacrifice to keep those liberties, we
need not shoulder any guns; all we must do
is stay informed, be vocal, and vote. After
what these brave souls did before us, it is the
least we can --- and should --- do. Let us not
cause those sacrificed lives to go for naught.

The Peasant wishes you all a happy, blessed,
and safe Memorial Day.

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