Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Travesty of a Budget From a Travesty of a President

Recently President Obama proposed a budget.
No, really! He had, in fact, proposed budgets
in the past years of his presidency but they were
never passed by Congress; even the Democrat-
held Senate wouldn't touch Obama's tax-and-
spendathon budgets! This is why we have not had
an operating budget during Obama's reign thus far.
But before sighing "Finally!", know that this budget
has all the Obama hallmarks, and that spells trouble
for taxpaying citizens, businesses, and the economy.

Some of the features in Obama's budget are these:

*It includes $3.77 trillion in government spending
for 2014, up from last year's projection. Although
Obama claims that there will be a reduction in the
deficit, no reduction will be possible without a huge
tax increase on businesses, the creators of jobs.

*Obama's 2014 budget has a $744 billion deficit which
won't be balanced but will place an even greater burden
on the backs of already straining taxpayers.

*The budget includes futher taxes, as a matter of fact,
to the tune of $563 billion over 2014.

And with his victorious re-election campaign, Obama
thinks that he has a mandate to do all this, that We the
People actually want to surrender more of our hard-
earned money to pay for his increasing the size and
scope of the federal government, along with its power
over us. And who knows how much of the swag he'll
reward his crony capitalist pals with for their continued

Something else is set for 2014, though: the interim election
in which we can elect a conservative Republican Senate
(note that your precise Peasant put "conservative" before
Republican! No more RINOS!) and maintain the GOP
majority in the House so as to hem Obama in, taking away
his room to operate in foisting his statist machinations on
us. We can make him a truly "lame duck" president as he
continues to the conclusion of his second and mercifully
final term in the White House. In the meantime, we can
and should begin our search for a reliable, unapologetic-
ally conservative Republican candidate to run in 2016
in order to thwart the Democrats' quest to continue thier
hold on the presidency.

Friends, we have a two-fold mission: we must elect as
many conservatives as we can to Congress, especially
to the Senate, by challenging incumbent establishment
Republican incumbents in GOP primaries as well as
warding off challenges for nomination by like candidates
who may run against the conservative candidates we
field. Then, we must get our conservative nomination
winners to victory against Democrat incumbents and
challengers. We can still neuter the Obama attack dog
and thereby prevent any further attempts to bite us in
our wallets and our ability to make a living, not to
mention our personal liberties! Meanwhile, let us get
in touch with our representatives and senators in D.C.
and tell them to vote this travesty of a budget down!

In the weeks to come your faithful Peasant shall focus
on the races for seats in the House and Senate that are
currently taking place in the form of special elections,
as well as offer commentary on the 2014 races as they
begin to assume form. In the meantime I hope that you,
my wonderful readers, are having a lovely Spring!


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