Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Announcement of Technical Difficulties

My grand and wonderful readers, your frustrated
Peasant has had some technical difficulties with
the website on which I post this blog for your
enjoyment. Over the course of this summer I
have had some entire days where I could not
post anything because I could not get the cursor
to appear in the text box, thus preventing me from
typing text. At first this had occurred about every
other day, then it began occurring more frequently;
this week and last I had only two days each week
where this problem had not come up.

At first I thought it was because of the computers
I had been using, but as I use the public access
computers in two local libraries I had encountered
the same problem at both. Then I thought it was
because of abnormally heavy traffic, or usage, of
the internet, with many people being online at the
same time. This can affect one's ability to acess
anything on the 'net, as I learned long ago.

Now, I think that this is something that Google,
the company which purchased Blogger and its
blogging web site a few years ago, can and should
do something about. Toward that end, your concerned
Peasant had e-mailed them to let them know of this
problem and asked them to look into and ultimately
solve it --- this was never done from what I can tell.

Well, I shall discuss this matter in more detail with
you, my wonderful readers, perhaps as soon as next
week. In the meantime, I shall post whenever I can,
it will not always be on a Thursday as I have been
doing; but post I shall, whenver the technical bugaboo
does not crop up to wreak more havoc. In the meantime,
your grateful Peasant thanks you all for your patience
and understanding. By the by, the 23rd of this month
will be our fourth anniversary of getting together at
this blog to examine the political and economic news,
identifying the heroes and villains in the stories,
praising the former and castigating the latter while
offering solutions to the challenges we face whenever
we are able! Thank you, my beautiful readers, for
a fantastic four years together! May we have many
more to enjoy!


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