Monday, September 16, 2013

Orwellian-speak Simplified

National columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote a splendid
piece recently detailing the language used by the Obama
Administration and the State Department in regard to certain
events which transpired at home and abroad. What lengths this
cabal won't go to in order to whitewash tragedies which
happened to us, especially those which Team Obama have
wrought with their lackadaisical inaction or grossly
inept action.

Krauthammer shared the following examples of Obama-speak:
Jen Psalki, State Department spokeswoman, stated that the 
evacuation of our embassy in Yemen was not an evacuation but
"a reduction in staff". That alleged staff reduction got the staff
in the reduction out of dodge and back home mighty fast!
Janet Napolitano, outgoing head of Homeland Security,
told us that terror attacks are merely "man-caused disasters".
Nothing to worry about, folks, go on about your business.
Just someone having carelessly caused a disaster, no big deal.

Nidal Hasan, the traitor who shot 13 American soldiers dead
and wounded many others at Fort Hood boasted to a military
court that he killed the soldiers he killed in the name of jihad;
no matter, the government has simply labeled the whole affair
as "workplace violence". Just a soldier having a little too much
pressure to cope with? Ha!

And then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrogantly declaring
before Congress "What difference does it make?" regarding the
four dead Americans killed at our embassy in Libya, murdered
by Al-Qaeda -backed thugs in what the administration tried to
pass off as a demostration gone awry. The difference, Hill, is ---
as Krauthammer explains in his piece --- first, truth is a virtue.
Second, if you keep lying to the American people, they'll question
everything that you say from this point forward. Your leery Peasant
would pull out a pocket calculator to check Clinton's statement if
she announced that two plus two made four! And third, leading the
country through a long struggle requires both honesty and clarity.
All the Obama folks do is lie and obfuscate to cover their

Also, President Obama cannot bring himself, according to
Krauthammer, to utter or allow any of his administration to utter
the word "Islamist". Apparently the man won't acknowledge just
who our biggest enemy in the world at this point in time is. And
he forbids his administration to do so as well. All this points to
what Krauthammer calls the world's first lexicological war, a war
in which one parries and thrusts with linguistic tricks and other
such obfuscative maneuvers. Meanwhile, as he treats the real
enemy with kid gloves, Obama persecutes Tea Party activists and
others who dissent regarding his policies by having the NSA spy
on them, snooping on ther telephone and e-mail conversations,
as well as having the IRS harrass then with endless audits.

Krauthammer concludes by stating that "This isn't about language.
It's about leadership. The wordplay is merely cover for uncertain
policy embedded in confusion and ambivalence ..." Your faithful
Peasant couldn't put it better. This is what happens when a country's
leaders have contempt and disdain for the country's people and its
laws. George Orwell warned the world about such things in his
books, among which were "Animal Farm" and "1984". 

Read them sometime, my grand readers, and see the eerie parallels.
1984 came late, but it has indeed arrived.


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