Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gratitude for Four Great Years!

Your joyously grateful Peasant thanks you,
my fantastic, fabulous, loyal readers, for
four great, wonderful years together! The
day after tomorrow is September 23, the
anniversary of the establishment of this
blog. That is the date when we met and
started to become acquainted with each
other, forming a friendship based on our
desire to preserve our great country and
the ideas and principles upon which it was
founded. And, of course, to engage in a
studious overview of the political and
economic news of the day with the aim
of learning the whys and wherefors of
these stories and identifying those who
have acted for the good of We the People
and those who have acted for the selfish
schemes of themselves and their chums,
politicians and others alike.

We have both praised and criticized those
in our ongoing conservative movement;
the former to commend those who exhibited
their committment to constitutional, limited
government and the preservation of our
liberty and our property, the latter when
some in our ranks have shown some squish-
iness rather than firmness in same, and
certianly when some have just plain sold
out to gain favor from our political enemies,
as well as when some have not practiced
our conservative principles in not just
governance but in their private lives
(former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford
for one!).

We also have praised those uncommon few
from our opposition for their actions which
have proved beneficial to our society by
going against their side's "conventional
wisdom" and general way of doing things;
recently your appreciative Peasant wrote
a tribute of high praise for the late liberal
journalist Jack Germond, who had shown this
inclination and willingness to do precisely this.
I even had some complimentary things to say
about U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter, who was a
shameless RINO who eventually left the GOP
to return to the Democrats whom he began his
political career with. The late senator did, and
your grateful Peasant shall indeed always be
grateful, for his forceful defense of Clarence
Thomas when Thomas came under fire from
radical feminists and their point woman Anita
Hill when Thomas was a nominee for a seat
on the U.S. Supreme Court. The shameless
and vile attempt to besmirch Thomas and his
reputation was quashed largely due to Specter's
unexpected and unequivocal words of support
for the man who would go on to be confirmed
for that very seat as a result.

In the coming year, and all subsequent years, we
shall continue to gather here to critically examine
the stories from the political battlefield, praising
the heroes and sticking the prongs of truth into
the backsides of the villains in exposure of their
self-serving actions --- and having a ball doing so!
God bless you all, my loyal readers! And God bless


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