Thursday, May 29, 2014

Did You Notice ...

Your quizzical Peasant just wants to ask you,
my razor-sharp readers, if you noticed this
happenstance regarding the passing of actress-
turned-diplomat Shirley Temple Black, of whom
I wrote a tribute to here on this blog: President
Obama issued no order to fly our flags at half-mast
when Black, a Republican, who had served our
country in important and sensitive diplomatic posts
in a distinguished second career, died recently.

Now, did her passing just happen to escape the
president's attention, as he has been busy dealing
with many other issues and such, so that he didn't
think to act and give Black the due traditionally
given to Americans who have thus served our nation?
Or did he simply blow her off because she was
a Republican rather than a Democrat? And that
she had close personal and professional ties to
four Republican presidents, including (GASP!)
President Ronald Reagan, the political polar
opposite to President Obama?

Once again, we see whom and what our current
president values, and whom and what he does
not. Just sayin'.


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