Thursday, May 22, 2014

On This Memorial Day

My friends, let us remember our brave countrymen
and countrywomen who gave their all to defend our
country in war, and to show our thanks to those who
are still with us who defended us as well. And let us
remember those four Americans who died needless,
senseless deaths in Benghazi when our embassy
compound there was attacked by Islamic radicals
on September 11, 2012. The Obama regime is still
trying to cover up the details of why this tragedy
took place, and have been lying to the families of the
slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith,
who was a U.S. Foreign Service Information Officer,
Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty, two former
U.S. Navy SEALS as to how and why their loved ones
perished that terrible night. Smith himself was a
U.S. Air Force vet.

Contact your representatives in the House and your
Senators to state your support for the newly cereated
House investigative committee on Benghazi and urge the
Senate to take similar measures. Demand that the truth
be brought into the light of day for all the people to see,
especially the families of the fallen four who have been
lied to and fobbed off by then-Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton! Remember that Ambassador Stevens made
repeated requests for enhanced security when it became
apparent that he and his staff were in danger but
President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton blew
them off leaving them, all better folk than Obama and
Clinton, to be slaughtered. And demand that the guilty
are held accountable and that justice is meted out!

Although we presently have a Commander-in-Chief who
has a callously cavalier attitude toward our veterans and
others who serve in far away, hostile lands, we ourselves
can and must counter this miscreant and his minions with
our gratitude, our admiration, and our love for our veterans
past and present by demanding that they do right by them,
including the four dead Americans. The regime can start
by telling the truth about that fateful night in Benghazi.


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