Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Rule for the Elite, Another for the Peasants

Upon my return from my Easter vacation trip to visit
some family members, your alert Peasant saw this
story in Freedom Weekly:

There are many urban politicians who love to lecture
large retailers on the need to pay their employees a
"living wage", usually calling for a minimum wage
hike to around $12.50 an hour. But Chuck Thies,
a reporter for NBC, discovered that Washington D.C.
Council members engages in such activity while
paying many of their city workers $10.40, some
others $11.75 an hour. Thies likened the D.C. pols
to living in "glass houses".

Just another case of government officials at some
level preaching one thing while practicing something
else. One rule for elite, another for the peasants, they
figure. And they wonder why the Tea Party
Movement is a growing force in national

The Peasant thanks Freedom Weekly for reporting
this story.


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