Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hillary's Hypocrisy

The latest imbroglio surrounding former First Lady,
former U.S. Senator, former Secretary of State and
Democrat nominee for the Presidency, has
Hillary Clinton centering on her plan to rid American
politics of big money and the shroud of secrecy.
There it is: the joke and the punch line all in one

Clinton recently announced that as President
she would have the federal government provide
matching funds for campaign donations below a
given dollar amount, as well as lower the cap on the
amount individuals can give to candidates, and mandate
independent groups to disclose their donors. Oh, and
she would push for rewriting the First Amendment
to allow more regulation of political speech.

Gee, your quizzical Peasant wonders how this would
affect the Clinton Foundation? Would the foundation begun
by Clinton and her husband even be included in the coverage
of her legislation? Now we know that their cozy little group
has happily accepted contributions from other countries
including Qatar --- while she was our nation's top diplomat,
no less. Moreover, this outfit raised money to hire
unofficial advisers such as Sidney Blumenthal and new
campaign aides such as Huma Abedin. Does anyone seriously
believe that the Clintons are going to, along with their
foundation, submit to these rules and regulations?
Hillary Clinton already has an ever-widening credibility gap
concerning many subjects, including Benghazi and her
e-mails. She is a liar like her husband, except that she lacks
Bill's smoothness and panache in the art of speaking the blarney.
And this is threatening to catch up with her in a big, nasty way,
with the election coming up in thirteen days.

The ongoing spectacle is not unlike a car wreck in the making;
you know it's coming, you know it will be horrible, yet you
feel you cannot avert your gaze.


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