Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Ideas and Musings

Friends, Halloween is but four days away, and your
spooktacular Peasant has a wonderfully fun idea for
you: Buy an Obama mask at your local Halloween
costume store, and scare up some big laughs!

Last year I bought one and have been having a ball
with it ever since; I have danced out to greet friends
in it, singing a fitting Irish ditty "The Liar" all the while!
Some of my friends nearly popped some ribs they were
laughing so hard!

As President Barack Obama winds down his time in the
White House, this is a fine and fitting tribute to the man
and his legacy; a legacy of disingenuousness, double-talking,
four-flushing, empty promises, baseless boasts, and just
plain bad old-fashioned lies (if you like your doctor/health plan,
you can keep your doctor/health care plan!). We may as well
have a laugh or two to shake off the tribulations of these past
eight years!

And while you're shopping for your Halloween cheer, why not
pick up a Hillary mask as well? Double the spooktacular political
fun with the presidential election coming right behind Halloween!
You can go out trick-or-treating and tell people that you're imposing
a candy tax, to be paid in candy!

Enjoy! And have a Happy Halloween!


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