Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trying to Have It Both Ways

Your beloved Peasant saw this story headlining a recent copy
of USA Today: Well-heeled Democrat donors have to date
donated $134 million to help their party's presidential nominee
Hillary Clinton's campaign, a sum being 2 1/2 times that given
by Republicans to aid GOP nominee Donald Trump. The 'Pubs
have given $51 million thus far, and the reasons being many
Republicans with deep pockets are still not very keen on the
party's presidential hopeful, many of whom had supported
with votes and money other GOP candidates who unsuccessfully
vied for the party's presidential blessings. Moreover, these
big-boppin' Republicans have been instead donating to
down-ballot candidates on the ticket, from the senatorial
hopefuls to House candidates to gubernatorial contestants to
state legislature office seekers.

These folks think, and your observant Peasant isn't going to
dispute them, that Trump hasn't the temperament, the tact,
the command of the issues of the day, his sudden changes of
opinion regarding same, or the sufficiently thick skin to
withstand the barrage of attacks that he is presently facing,
and will face more of if elected, from the opposition.
I share these criticisms and concerns as well, but I maintain
that Donald Trump is not as awful a candidate and would not
be as awful a president as Clinton would be.

Meanwhile, former hedge fund manager and now a
radical environmentalist billionaire Tom Steyer is frantically
busy raising money for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats'
candidates for the Senate. His own super PAC, NextGen
Climate Action, has been an indispensable tool in his efforts;
he donated over ten million dollars to his creation, and
over $20 million to other fundraising organizations raising
money for this and for sufficiently left-wing candidates.
Just yesterday Steyer announced a $2 million campaign with
the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and
Planned Parenthood Votes to reach out to approximately
200,000 voters in New Hampshire, a battleground state
which is featuring a fiercely contested battle for the U.S.
Senate seat currently held by first-term GOP incumbent Sen.
Kelly Ayotte. She is being challenged by the state's Democrat
Governor Maggie Hassan, a very far left-wing politician.
Steyer crowed "We are committed to doing everything in
our power to deliver (Trump) a resounding defeat on
November 8,". And this is just one limousine liberal donor!

Again, I hold the same concerns and worries about Donald
Trump as do the big GOP donors. But let's not kid ourselves,
Hillary Clinton is the bigger danger to our republic, to our
country, to our prosperity, to our liberty, and to our way of life.
If I were a cash-laden fellow I would write a check right now
to assist Trump by making sure he has the essential funds
to mount an effective and triumphant campaign against Hillary
Clinton and her fellow left-wing elites. As it is, your determined
Peasant is certainly going to mark my ballot on the day for
Donald Trump, even though I may need to hold my nose,
even if I need to bring incense, an air freshener, maybe a
gas mask, for the simple reason being that Trump is at least
pro-marketplace rather than pro-state, and we can get him to
lend an ear to us, whereas Clinton would give us a deaf ear
and the middle finger.

And as for the Dems raising all that cash for Clinton and their
party's entire ticket, keep in mind that this is the same bunch
that decried the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court which upheld the right of
large organizations such as corporations and labor unions (yes,
labor unions!) to donate money to influence political campaigns
under the First Amendment, yet they have no compunction
regarding raising astronomical sums of money for the same
purpose. And of course they are getting lots of dollars from
both the unions and from corporations and fat cats like Steyer
to load their campaign war chests! In other words, they are
benefiting from the very ruling which they lambasted!

With each and every day that passes, the Democrats and the
Left demonstrate their unfitness to hold political power.
Between now and November, Republicans and conservatives
both in and out of the party, wealthy and not, have an opportunity
to level the playing field, so come November we can prevail.
Let us take advantage of this great gift while we can!


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