Friday, April 15, 2011

Google's Software Bug is No Longer Bugging Us!

Just a quick message to you, my loyal readers, to let
you know that the Google software bug which has
been causing havoc for many Google customers who
avail themselves of Google's Gmail and Blogger
services (as your favorite Peasant does) seems to
have buggered off. If so, good riddance! I have not
seen any evidence of its presence on this blog or in
my gmail inbox in several days, so I am making the
assumption that said bug is no longer a problem.

I thank you all, my patient and understanding readers,
for your bearing with your embattled Peasant through-
out the past six weeks in which this difficulty has per-
sisted, sometimes making it impossible to visit this
blog to read your beloved Peasant's latest observations
as well as to shop online with through
the click-on ads to the right of the blog's body of text.
Apparently, Google has finally taken action to remedy
the situation, with successful results.

We'll get together again soon!

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