Friday, April 8, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal

This just in:

Late Thursday, two days following our election here in
Wisconsin, some uncounted votes were discovered in
Waukesha County. These votes turned Wisconsin
Supreme Court candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg's
razor-thin 204 vote lead over incumbent state Supreme
Court Justice David Prosser into a 7,378 vote lead
for the latter. Your diligent Peasant just had to deliver
the news about this turn of events to you, my wonderful

What happened here? This discovery came to light as
officials throughout Wisconsin were canvassing the
state's counties, conducting a final review of voting
records so that the state can certify the election,
making its results official. Kathy Nickolaus, Waukesha
County Clerk, said at a news conference that she had
failed to properly save, in her computer database, a
spreadsheet showing one town's vote tallies. That town,
Brookfield, a conservative community in the conservative
stronghold that is Waukesha County, proved to be the
linchpin for the turn of events for the bitterly contested
election. Nicklaus apologized for the uncounted votes,
blaming "human error".

"I'm thankful that this error was caught early in the
process and during the canvass," she said. "The purpose
of the canvass is to catch these kinds of errors."

Knowing the state's lefties are going to cry "Foul!' over
this, no less than the Vice-Chairwoman of the Waukesha
County Democrat Party, Ramona Kitzinger stated at the
same press conference that she has confidence that the
amended numbers are correct. Kitzinger is also a member
of the Board of Canvassers. Her statement was reported
by the Waukesha Freeman this morning. A brave statement
by the Democrat party official, and your appreciative
Peasant commends her.

Now, this thing isn't over yet, friends. The entire state's
vote results have to be certified by the state by April 15.
And expect a recount, as the Kloppenburg camp and
the state's Left will scream for one to be sure. But things
are looking up as far as Wisconsin's keeping the center-
right makeup of its highest court, thereby keeping it out
of the hands of those who want to have the court be a
tool for obstruction of whatever Gov. Scott Walker and
the Republican-held legislature want to do. The new
margin will be virtually impossible for Kloppenburg
to overcome with whatever a recount would reveal
for uncounted votes. The bottom line here, is this: We,
the people of my home state voted for Walker and gave
him a conservative Republican Assembly and Senate so
that they could undo the economic damage that the
Democrats had done while they were in charge of
everything in Madison. What the Left can't accomplish
at the ballot box, even with cheating, they try to do
through the courts --- and that includes monkeying with
the former to assure the desired result with the latter.
Remember the accounts from voters I related to you
in my previous posting!

So, whether by a landslide or by a whisker, it looks like
Justice David Prosser will remain on my state's top court,
and the results of last autumn's election will not be mitigated.
Now this, you public employeee union hellraisers and your
rag-tag chums, is what democracy looks like!


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