Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter! And Other Items of Interest

Easter greetings everybody!

Your favorite Peasant is nearer to the day of the move
to my new home, and I'm sorting through my belongings,
deciding what I'll bring along, what I'll give away to my
friends, or my church, and what I'll toss out. Next comes
the packing, followed by the cleanup of my soon to be
former home. I've already lined up a few friends to help
with my move, and I had lunch with one of them today to
coordinate on the details of the event.

So with all of this going on, your harried Peasant has no
stories to share and comment on this week, and won't have
any next week either. But after my move, which is scheduled
for May 1, I shall return with some items of interest for you!
Thank you, my wonderful, loyal readers, for your sticking by
me throughout this transitory episode! Your grateful Peasant
shall make it worth your while.

Now for a lighter bill of fare: today, April 20, is Star Trek
star George Takei's birthday. George, who played Sulu in the
TV series and the subsequent movies, is one of my favorite
actors and people. I met George at a science fiction convention
in Saint Paul in 1989 and we had a wide-ranging conversation
which covered, among other topics, Star Trek (of course),
show business, politics, exercise (George runs in marathons),
and architecture (George once studied to be an architect). He
is a veritable Renaissance man! Although politically on the left,
he is by no means a "Hollywood liberal"; his views are well-
thought out and crafted, and are by no means extreme nor just
an affectation for the sake of fashion. He even has conservative
friends, some of them in the entertainment industry. Happy 74th
Birthday George! You are a bright and vibrant star whether
trekkin' or chillin'! May you have many more happy birthdays
to enjoy!

Also claiming this day as her birthday is British Shakespearean
actress Louise Jameson, who also has worked in the realm of
science fiction; Louise played Leela, the traveling companion
of the Doctor in the British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who. We
met a few years before I met George Takei, and she is one of
the most skillful actors, as well as one of the most intelligent
and engaging people I ever had the pleasure of meeting. Louise
is also a stunningly beautiful woman, such a sight to behold!
Today Louise is has turned sixty years of age, but looks just
thirty-five! Louise is active on stage and is the founder of
her own production company, TLC Productions, which also
has a school of sorts for aspiring actors in their teens and 20s.
Yes, I met Louise at a sci-fi convention too. At one time in my
life I was a very active fan of both Star Trek and Doctor Who,
having enjoyed both shows over the years and having gone to
conventions featuring the stars of both shows. I still enjoy
them, and some other productions of that genre, but do not
attend the conventions anymore; the actors are a wonderful
bunch but the fans are, to be polite about them, a handful!
Anyway, Happy Birthday Louise! May your special day be
bright and beautiful in every way for you!

And yes, your active Peasant has many interests and activities,
my favorite one being spending time with you, my fabulous
readers! We'll meet back here in the first week of May!
May Easter be joyful for you all!


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