Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is Ineptitude A Crime?

Waukesha (WI) County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus is 
catching a lot of heat for her failure to initially
include and tally 7,000+ votes cast in Brookfield
in the April 5 election which included the race
for a seat on Wisconsin's Supreme Court, with
that race being the "biggie" for the state's voters.
She explained that she had entered the vote totals
into her department's database but did not save
them, therefore causing them to be lost. There
are mistakes, and then there are mistakes. This
particular mistake was one of an easily avoid-
able kind, and therefore a pathetic and pitiful
kind to make.

But angry liberals from around the state claim
that Nickolaus was not inept but crooked. They
think that she was playing games with the vote
tallies in her county, and tried to pass it off as
"human error". They point to her Republican
political background, and allegedly having a
close working relationship at some point with
Justice David Prosser, the incumbent challenged
by JoAnne Kloppenburg, and wanted to give
Prosser a little boost by playing cute with the
vote tallies in her charge. This allegation is
pure hogwash, as well as a new nadir in the
sheer stupidity of the Left, and here's why:

The vote tallies in question came from a very
conservative town. Indeed, these votes were
overwhelmingly cast for Justice Prosser. The
lefties might have had a point if the votes were
heavily favoring their candidate, Kloppenburg,
but such a result would have been most unlikely
given Brookfield's sturdy conservatism. Your
favorite Peasant knows the political temperament
of Brookfield well; I lived there for a few years
in my youth. So if Nickolaus did, indeed, commit
electoral fraud in her failure to save the Brookfield
vote tallies in her computer database, that fraud
would have benefited Kloppenburg and her lefty
backers, not Prosser. And given the shenanigans
that my state's left-wingers have engaged in with
our elections in recent years (the 2000 presidential
election for just one example), they of course would
not have raised a peep. The Left cannot stand electoral
fraud if it is done by anyone else besides them,
you see.

Getting back to Nickolaus, she has had some prior
competency issues in her work as Waukesha County
Clerk. She has fought against having her computer
system merged with that of the county's, a move
that would have created greater efficiency for her
department. She has supposedly botched the handling
of vote totals in a prior election a few years ago.
While it appears that Kathy Nickolaus is inept in
her job performance, she is certainly not dishonest
in any way. Until ineptitude is made a crime, the
Kathy Nickolauses in our political arena cannot be
imprisoned, fined, or even hauled into court. Instead,
let her be tried not in a court of law, but the court of
public opinion, especially when she is up for re-elec-
tion. Wisconsin's left-wingers have no case here;
they should take their electoral lumps and go home.


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