Thursday, May 26, 2011

Memorial Day is Upon Us

Your patriotic Peasant wishes you, my beloved readers,
a happy and wonderful Memorial Day! Enjoy the parades,
the picnics, the parties, and all the while give a prayer or a
thought to our country's brave men and women who, over
the years, have fought and sacrificed to make our great
country and our way of life possible. Do you enjoy that
job you have? How about the home you live in? Does it
give you a thrill to watch the parades on this special day
as well as on the Fourth of July and Veterans Day?
Is it a thrill to go down to your polling precincts
on each election day and voice your preference for the
people you want to have represent us in government?
How about the simple joy of flying Old Glory from a
flagpole in your yard or waving a small version of it at
a parade? Thank our vets, alive and in repose, especially
the ones who died while making and preserving a society
in which we can enjoy these blessings of life in a free nation.

Freedom isn't free; it costs a high price. But freedom
is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

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