Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A True Conservative Declares His Candidacy for the Presidency

On Saturday, May 21, an unalloyed, unabashed conservative
declared himself a candidate for the office of President of the
United States. While it is very early in the presidential election
season, and not very many people have declared themselves
candidates, a true conservative has stepped forward to formally
announce his candidacy. That conservative is Herman Cain.

Herman Cain is not what you would expect for a politician; in
fact, you could say that Cain is an "anti-politician". His history
is not at all like that of your typical office seeker, especially one
aiming at the highest office in the land: Cain was Chairman, CEO
and President of Godfather's Pizza Corporation and had brought
the company from the brink of bankruptcy to solid profitability.
He was president of the Tax Leadership Council, a branch of
Americans for Fair Taxation, a group which works to achieve
feasible, less draconian rates of taxation for U.S. taxpayers.
He was Chairman of the Board of the National Restaurant
Association. The closest Cain ever got to being a politician,
let alone one in office, was when he was Chairman of the Board
of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, MO.

Now, your faithful Peasant realizes that this last piece of
information on Herman Cain is a red flag for many conservatives;
many of us righties have long been wary of the Fed, and with
good reason. Although not a governmental bureaucracy, this
body does not offer much transparency in how it goes about
the business of regulating our nation's money supply. While
many conservatives want an audit of the Fed, with U.S. Rep.
and former presidential candidate himself Ron Paul (R-TX)
spearheading the charge, Cain has gone on record opposing
such an audit, declaring as a guest on the Neil Boortz Show:

"... There's no hidden secrets going on (at) the Federal Reserve
to my knowledge ... We don't need to waste money with another
commission or audit. It's not necessary. Because, folks, we've
got a lot of other problems we need to worry about."

While we certainly do have a lot of other problems we need to
worry about, it is certainly fair and proper to question the Fed
and the how and the why it does the things it does, especially
when it has called for turning on the printing presses to jump up
the money supply so as to monetize the nation's debt. The rami-
fications, especially regarding inflation, are onerous. But it may
well be that Cain is being completely honest when he says that
"to his knowledge" that there are no secrets concerning the Fed's
activities; it may, just may, be that the Fed is so secretive in its
operations that even Cain did not, and could not, know all of
what the Fed had done or had planned to do when he was there
in his lofty position. Your quizzical Peasant is just supposing,
just to show both sides of the matter on Herman Cain's trust-
worthiness as a conservative.

Now, I am neither endorsing nor condemning Herman Cain as
a presidential candidate. Your even-handed Peasant is simply
giving some background on the first genuine conservative to
throw his or her hat into the ring to run for the presidency of
our country. Please bear in mind, my eager readers, that it is
so very early in the presidential election season, and there will
certainly be more candidates coming forward to declare, some
of them bound to be conservatives. It is just that it is so good to
hear that a solid conservative has come forward at this campaign
season's nascent stage to be a presidential candidate. And while
Cain's view on auditing the Fed bears further scrutiny, there are
positive things about the man and candidate which should be
recognized: Cain wants Obamacare repealed. He wants to
secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws with more
than mere lip service. He supports making use of our own oil
sources to free us from dependency on those controlled by
our enemies as well as those whose loyalties are not at all clear.
And he wants to reduce the size and cost of government while
expanding the private sector, both in terms of jobs and
subsequent taxpayers. Oh, and Cain happens to be black. Yep,
he's what liberals fear and loathe; a member of a minority group
who is a political conservative. And one who has achieved and
enjoyed success and notoriety in his career in the private sector
to boot. Can you imagine Herman Cain facing President Obama
in the fall of 2012? Your mischievous Peasant can just picture
the shock, the chagrin, and the outrage of the Democrats, their
candidate Obama, and their fellow lefties over having to deal
with a conservative black candidate who is the very antithesis
of Obama and all of the left-wingers' cherished, self-made myths
about their politics, their economics, and their fantasies of where
black people and other minorities fit into the liberals' grand design
for America!

Congratulations to Herman Cain. His presidential candidacy
will certainly encourage robust debate regarding the challenges
our country faces, and may well force the hand of some others in
the field who may try to play cute on those issues. This would be
a very good development.


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