Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recount Rumblings

Well, JoAnn Kloppenburg did what Wisconsin conservatives
knew she'd do and what Wisconsin liberals hoped she'd do;
she requested a recount of the state Supreme Court election
ballots after having gotten on the short end of the first tally.
With incumbent Justice David Prosser getting the nod with
a margin of approximately 7,300 votes, after an error was
discovered in Waukesha County showing the failure to add to
that county's vote total the votes from Brookfield, the result
being the wipeout of Kloppenburg's 204-vote lead and the
liberal challenger immediate declaration of victory when that
first result was announced, Kloppenburg decided to challenge
that new tally. Gee, funny how she had no problem at all with
the first count which gave her a razor-thin margin of victory,
and now has a beef with the second count which has her behind
by just enough votes that it would be mathematically impossible,
according to electoral analysts, to overcome via a recount.

Well, so far that's just how the recount is shaping up. As of this
posting, the conservative incumbent Prosser leads Little Miss "I
counted my chickens before they hatched" by 6,977 votes with
Waukesha County's votes still being recounted. The county has
asked for an extension up to May 26, and will likely get that
extension, in order to finish its recount (Note: Waukesha County
has been delayed in its recount efforts by Kloppenburg's atorneys
filing this and questioning that in that county's court, trying to pull
off a miracle or delay the inevitable). Your favorite Peasant is
in no doubt of the outcome.

But while Kloppenburg and her fellow lefties are not likely to gain
victory in the recount, they have already succeeded in two other
aims: delaying Justice Prosser's rightfully earned return to the seat
on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and costing Wisconsin's tax-
payers more of their tax monies in this self-serving, petulant,
whiny indulgence.

This is, in effect, the Left's flipping the bird at us because we denied
them what they so desperately wanted. Now that the left-wingers
have shown us their collective IQ, maybe we Wisconsinites can get
our lives back to normal, and continue to reform and to prosper
anew our great state.
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