Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fourth of July Greetings!

Hello everybody! Your favorite Peasant wishes you, my great
and wonderful readers, a happy, safe, and joyful Fourth of July!
I shall be with you all again after our grand country's birthday
with more political and economic news stories to pore over.
Meanwhile, I shall finally be making my move to my new home.
After some places fell through for various reasons, I now have
a lead which is materializing in time for me to move into
before the holiday. I also have started a business in which
to have another stream of income, and shall be busy both in
preparation for my residential change and tending to my
customers. My new enterprise? I do yard work, including
small-scale landscaping, along with heavy-duty housework,
which I define as cleaning out basements and garages. I have
a growing list of customers and solid repeat business; one
family who hired me has me on retainer for the entire summer!

While it has been a longtime desire of mine to create multiple
streams of income (this blog being but one), it is an imperative
in these strenuous economic times. My shrunken bank account
is currently making a comeback with my entrepreneurial
efforts, and of course I am applying and interviewing for
career-relevant (financial) positions all the while. This is the
American way! Let's not allow Obama & Company to take
it away from us! It is part of our way of life to be able to better
our lives financially, to be able to provide more bountifully for
ourselves and our families, to make a more comfortable life.
This is what has attracted millions of people from other lands
to our nation, the opportunity of achievement transcending
social status and becoming what was denied them in their native
countries according to class, creed, or other criteria for the
purpose of keeping them down while raising others to lofty
levels. This is a wonderful way in which to celebrate our
great nation on its birthday and every day!

So enjoy the Fourth, see some fireworks, go to some
picnics, and we'll get together again soon afterward!
God bless America! And God bless you, my fantastic


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