Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One Hundred Posts; One Million Thanks!

My wonderful, loyal, fabulous, fantastic readers,
today we shall mark and celebrate a momentous
milestone: This is the 100th posting of "Peasant
With A Pitchfork"! We have reached this bench-
mark after having begun our journey through the
political landscape of our great country back on
September 23, 2009. We have gotten together for
our visits, usually once each week, sometimes
more often depending on what stories broke that
your faithful Peasant felt urgently moved to share
with you and to comment on. We have had fun
examining the political and economic stories of
the day, identifying and praising the heroes while
sticking it to the villains, and my jabbing my
trusty Pitchfork into the backsides of the latter.

We have covered many topics and events; Obama-
care, capital punishment, taxes, government spending,
debt, the leftist protests in Madison, misbehaving
congressmen, the Tea Party movement, and the
arrogance of some in both the Democrat and
the Republican parties toward our movement and
the American people in general. And these are but
a few of the things that we took on! Still more,
much more, lies ahead. And as long as we're together,
as long as we stay focused on our goal, which is
of course to reclaim our country from the statist,
elitist, cavalier, self-styled overlords in the White
House, in Congress, and in some of our state governors'
offices and legislatures, and in some of our mayoral
offices and municipal halls, along with their allied
groups of political hangers-on; as long as we take
appropriate and immediate action to wrest our
communities, our states, our country free of these
forces, we shall prevail!

Let us always, always, always, believe in God,
believe in ourselves, and believe in our great and
wonderful country, the United States of America,
and the principles on which it was founded. Stay
positive, stay strong, stay active. And stay tuned
for your weekly dose of analysis, commentary,
and inspiration from your favorite Peasant!

Thank you all for your support! God bless you!
And God bless America!


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