Thursday, June 2, 2011

Weiner Roast, Anyone?

This just in:

U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY) got into
a rather embarrassing predicament quite recently. The
pugnaciously combative left-wing House member is
believed to be the person shown in a photo sent via
Twitter to a 21-year-old female college student in
Bellingham, Washington, exhibiting an underwear-
clad male crotch --- quite obviously a male crotch,
for it had a prominent bulge --- and nothing else.

My great and wonderful readers, this is likely but
another case of a congressman with too much time
on his hands and too many hormones to control.
Remember the Democrat "Tickle Me Congressman"?
And the newly-elected Republican rep who advertised 
on a social media site geared for ostensibly romantic
connections, got discovered, then abruptly resigned
his seat in the House? And, by the way, he was a
married man. Say, your diligent Peasant just thought,
all three of these cavalier congressmen come from
the state of New York! Gee, what the people of that
state must be thinking about their elected representatives
that they sent to the House; those reps that haven't yet
gotten so embroiled in scandal, they must be getting
closer scrutiny from their constituents back home
with these constituents wondering about their reps'
character and if they will pay attention to the business
at hand or if they will engage in monkey business.
What a mess.

Anyway, Rep. Weiner has insisted in subsequent
interviews that his Twitter account was hacked,
and that the hacker(s) perpetrated a juvenile prank
at his expense. Weiner even got into a heated exchange
with two CNN journalists over the matter, and called
one of them a "jackass", then stating that he wouldn't
say anymore about the flap. But on Wednesday,
June 1, the harried, married, six-term representative
averred that the crotch shot sent to the young coed
might just be his own after all. When asked by an
MSNBC reporter if the picture was of Weiner, he
replied "You know, I can't say with certitude," and
"My system was hacked. Pictures can be manipulated,
pictures can be dropped in and inserted." This brief
(no pun intended, but oh what irony!) exchange was
reported in the New York Post today.

Weiner eventually went on seven cable news shows
in a desperate attempt to exercise damage control,
but was on the defensive throughout. Finally, after
several days of this Weiner as good as admitted to
the photo being his own; he stated that he didn't
actually press the "send" button that sent the image
of his enthusiasm to the belle in Bellingham.
"When your name is Weiner, it goes with the territory,"
he nervously cracked.

But one does not necessarily have to live up, or down,
to one's name. The New York City Democrat's antics
may well have doomed his family name to many years
of pointed, painful humor. His family, and his consti-
tuents, will all suffer the ramifications of his behavior
to varying degrees.

The people deserve better from their elected officials.
And families deserve better from their members.


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