Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Capsule of the Latest Political and Economic News

Did everyone have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday?
Here is a quick look at the latest political and economic
news stories; your favorite Peasant has no single big story
for us to pore over, but I do have some smaller yet still
important stories on tap.

JoAnn Kloppenburg, the left-wing challenger for the seat
on Wisconsin's State Supreme Court currently held by
conservative Justice David Prosser, decided not to pursue
a court challenge to the already much-contested election
results, having lost the recount that she requested and which
her supporters demanded. But she isn't going gentle into that
good night; Kloppenburg railed against what she perceives
to be the state electoral system's vote reporting flaws,
especially in regard to Waukesha County --- the county
whose clerk failed to add the vote totals from Brookfield,
which, like the rest of the county, is a bastion of conservatism.
The votes from Brookfield would not, and did not, favor
the feverish Kloppenburg. Hey JoAnne, don't go away mad,
just go away!

Congress recently raised the debt ceiling while not cutting a
penny's worth of spending from the budget; although this is
hardly a news flash, the Republicans in both the House and
the Senate at least made it so that the Democrats are now
on record as to both their voting to raise the debt ceiling
and voting against pairing the action with any spending
reduction. We voters will take note and remember this
vote come 2012! We shall NOT allow Obama and the
Democrats to march us off to the Poor House! Our
country shall NOT become a huge, lumbering, stumbling
banana republic at the whimsy of a power-drunk,
spending-addicted cabal of statist, elitist poltroons!
On Election day next year, we shall be busy writing
and delivering lot of pink slips to our laughingly-termed
public servants in Washington and in our state governments
as well.

And the Great and Powerful Obama had a busy Memorial
Day; he visited Arlington National Cemetery and delivered
a speech in tribute to our country's fallen warriors, then
dashed off to play a few rounds of golf. Now, your beloved
Peasant does not begrudge our president a little R&R,
but it seems as though this president is on the links, or on
a vacation trip, or at least a gaudy day out with his family
every time one turns around --- and to dart off after a
solemn affair commemorating an auspicious day in
which we as a nation honor those who sacrificed all
for our country's freedom and way of life just to hit the
links is poor judgement and insensitivity. Couldn't the
sportsman-in-chief have scheduled his golf outing for the
day before Memorial Day, or perhaps the day before that?
After all, it is one of our three-day holiday weekends.
Obama just gave the impression that he couldn't wait to
leave Arlington, get back to the White House, change
into his golfing attire, grab his clubs, and zip out to the
golf course. Mr. President, it might have done you a world
of good if you would have, while making your way from tee
to tee, reflected on what all our military people did, what
they gave, what they suffered, what they sacrificed so that
you could have a carefree day on the links. My loyal readers
and I can only hope that you did so reflect.

Anyway, I hope that you, my wonderful readers, had a most
enjoyable Memorial Day. In closing, your grateful Peasant
wishes to thank all of our fellow Americans who have served
in uniform for your brave work. My thanks extend from our
current warriors fighting in the Middle East and in Afghanistan
all the way back to the colonists who wrenched our land from
the grasp of the British Crown, thus creating our proud and
sovereign nation. And my deepest thanks, though they can never
truly suffice, go to those who lost their lives in battle to keep
our nation so.
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