Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Riddance to Gaddafi!

This just in:

Your scrutinizing Peasant checked several sources and reports
before posting this piece for you, my beloved readers, but it is
true and official: Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi is dead. The
recently deposed tyrant was killed by Libyan rebel forces and
his body was taken through the streets of the town of Sirte
where he was born, displayed to cheering throngs who then
cursed and spit upon the remains of the erstwhile kingpin of that
troubled country.

Gaddafi was involved in the planning of the Lockerbie bombing
in which a commercial airplane carrying passengers from the
United Kingdom and the United States were killed in flight over
that Scottish town 23 years ago. The more radical elements
of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) were given space in Libya
by Gaddafi for a training site for their new recruits, who then
returned to Ireland and went on indiscriminate killing sprees
there and in Great Britain, killing for the sake of killing. He also
hosted other terrorist groups that set up training camps for
these same nefarious purposes.

In recent years, Gaddaffi led Libya into the nuclear community
with the development of nuclear weaponry. Happily, he backed
down in the face of demands by the U.S. and allied countries,
but who's to say that Gaddafi would not rattle the nuclear saber
again at any time in the future?

No, it's a threat that the Middle East, and the world, no longer
has to worry about. The Libyan rebels have seen to that. May
their country finally have democracy and freedom at last. As
to Gaddafi, good riddance to evil rubbish. Libya, the Middle
East, and the world are all better off for Gaddafi at last having
made his exit.


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