Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Madness Goes On Tour

The scenario that played out in Madison, Wisconsin last winter
has gone on tour. Rag-tag leftists, college students, unemployed
people, and a bevy of malingering malcontents of various types
took to the streets in New York under the name "Occupy Wall
Street" to lambast banks, businesspeople, and the wealthy in
general, blaming them for the economic morass that our country
has fallen into. What is more, the movement has sprung up in
other cities across the country, including here in your faithful
Peasant's backyard, Milwaukee.

Among the complaints that these protesters put forth are
questions as to why there is no legislation pending that
would prevent banks from hiring lobbyists to get Congress
to pass legislation that would completely favor the banks(?!).
Some of the protesters demanded that they receive free
college educations, complete forgiveness of their loans ---
be it for college, cars, or whatever purpose --- as well
as free health care. In New York, the mob of misfits
pitched tents in a park. The city government, as announced
by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, wanted them to take down
their tents temporarily just so the city park maintenance
crew could clean the area. The gathered goofballs would
have none of it, claiming that it was a ploy to oust them and
make them mover along. These protesters have been
camping there in that park, and have been relieving themselves
on the grounds (and they weren't using port-a-johns either!)
so for sanitation's sake the grounds HAD to be cleaned.
when police tried to get the crowd to move one of the
mob slobs jumped on an officer and was promptly

Some of these individuals were interviewed by reporters
and various radio show hosts or reporters from same,
and they were most illuminating as to the mindset of those
gathered. One 20-something fellow stated, rather proudly,
that he had quit his job to attend the rally. A young woman
of about the same age said that she came with hopes of
obtaining some pot to enjoy. One woman claimed that
the banks are headed by "zionist" Jews and that these
Jewish bankers should be forced to leave the country.
Well, don't be shocked by that statement; the left-
wingers have grown increasingly anti-semitic in recent
years, mostly concerning Palestine. Just add this to
their other bigoted put-downs of people whom they
disagree with and disapprove of.

And to add to the circus-like atmosphere of it all,
the so-called mainstream media have been trying to
liken these uncivilized throngs to the Tea Party!
the media/propaganda bunch are trying to cloak
the "Occupy" zanies with the mantle of respecta-
bility. Of course their gambit will fail; the vast
majority of Americans will see (and smell) the
difference. But for now, this sideshow is part
of the great political morality play that is at
center stage in the everyday life of our great
country. We might as well sit back and take it
all in, because it is just more political theatre
to watch, and to make what we will of it.
Please pass the popcorn.


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