Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rep. Alan Grayson is Not Fit to Serve in Congress!

An especially vitriolic denizen of the far Left has
recently spewed his especially toxic venom against
the Tea Party recently. How fitting that this monster
has unleashed his most horrible and terrible attack
on those of us who only want our government to
readhere to the Constitution in its governance, to
limit itself in scope and power, and to be account-
able to We the People instead of forcing us to be
subservient to it --- just as the founding fathers
desired and made clear in drafting our Constitu-
tion --- just before Halloween.

U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) had sent out a
poisonously hateful e-letter likening the Tea Party
to the Ku Klux Klan, complete with a photo of a
KKK cross burning with two Klanscreeps in full
white regalia, and the burning cross presented as
the letter "T" in "Tea Party" spelled out next to the
cross. Beneath the picture is a caption saying
"Now you know what the "T" stands for".

Now, Grayson has a reputation for saying outrageous
things about Republicans, especially conservative
Republicans, their legislation, and their opposition
to Democrats' legislation that range from simply
intemperate to forest fire-raging hateful. This
individual --- I hesitate to refer to him as a man
--- has been in and out of Congress and elected
political offices of other sorts largely because of
his offensive behavior and statements. Since his
being returned to the House by virtue of running
for a seat from a different district, Grayson has
gone on the warpath against all whom he politic-
ally disagrees with, reaching new lows in the
process. This e-letter that he sent out, your out-
raged Peasant does not know whether it went
out to his constituents in his district or to
supporters near and far for fundraising purposes,
also includes some transcripted conversation
with fellow left-wing hatemonger Al Sharpton
when Grayson was on Sharpton's MSNBC
show earlier this month. The exchange between
these two moral microbes compliments the
rotten photo all too well, is all that your angered
Peasant will say about that!

Meanwhile, Tea Party activists, especially black
conservatives in the movement, are beyond offended.
They are way past angry. They want to run this
bully out of Congress! Lloyd Marcus, a friend of
your faithful Peasant and one such black conservative
in the Tea Party movement, said in an e-letter sent
out to those on the Conservative Campaign Committee
members list, "As a black conservative who has been
a headliner at hundreds of Tea Party rallies, and
penned the "American Tea Party Anthem", I take
special offense over the hateful words and conduct
of Congressman Grayson .... " The e-letter went on
to show the conversation Grayson and Sharpton

Marcus continued, "Enough is enough! In the
'American Tea Party Anthem' I wrote this line:
'So when they call you a racist, because you
disagree, it's just another one of their dirty tricks
to silence you and me." And Congressman Grayson
is trying to silence us ... ".

Grayson, like so many, too many in the Democrat
Party, knows nothing about his party's shameful history
of keeping black people down; enslaving them, keeping
them from voting and running for office, consigning them
to separate but very unequal accommodations, jobs, and
quality of life in our country. As we know, my dear readers,
the Democrats had not just tolerated slavery and these other
injustices done to blacks but had instituted them. It was
the Republican Party, which was founded in the 1850s,
which did away with these wrongs starting with Abraham
Lincoln's presidency and continuing through a savage
civil war and subsequent Republican administrations.
Republican Dwight Eisenhower, while serving as
president, ordered the desegregation of the school in
Little Rock, Arkansas, where Democrat Governor
Orval Faubus refused to obey a federal order to let
nine black students attend class. Republican Ronald
Reagan appointed Clarence M. Pendleton to be the
first black American Chairman of the U.S. Commission
on Civil Rights. George H.W. Bush, Reagan's Vice
President and successor in the White House, appointed
Clarence Thomas, a black judge, to the U.S. Supreme
Court. These appointments marked a turning point in
the lives of black Americans, shattering the ceiling
imposed over them in terms of what they could accom-
plish in American life and what quality their lives would,
and could, have via American law. And let us not forget,
that Republicans in both houses of Congress were integral
and indispensable to the successful effort to pass the 1964
Civil Rights Act; a greater proportion of Republicans in
the Senate than that of their Democrat colleagues voted
in favor of its passage in that chamber, with the very
conservative Republican Senator Everett Dirksen of
Illinois leading the charge. But all of this is lost on
Rep. Grayson and his fellow hatemongers of the Left,
who have much sway in the Democrat Party these days.
And these beasts are not only haters, bullies, libelers and
slanderers but hypocrites as well, for they then turn
around and accuse Republicans and we in the Tea Party
movement of doing to them precisely what they them-
selves do to us!

Someone once said that you can't fix stupid; I say that you
can't fix evil either. It's time to throw Alan Grayson out of
Congress! In next year's Congressional election we Tea Party
folk have to make giving this spiteful fiend the boot; this
we must put on our "to do" list for 2014! And we should also
work to defeat any and all other elected officials and candi-
dates for public office who engages in slinging not just mud
but manure at decent, honest, concerned Americans who
only want to return fiscal sanity and responsibility along
with respect for the Constitution and for We the People.
If we are to reclaim our country, this is essential.

This magnificent country belongs to decent, civil, temperate
people. Hysterical, unhinged, deranged losers like Alan
Grayson have no business being involved in our country's


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