Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nobody Knows the Trouble Obamacare's Seen

By now we all learned of the huge technical malfunction
that has ensnared the Affordable Health Care Act, a/k/a
Obamacare. People trying to access the web site at least
to see what plans are offered under this most controversial
act, let alone sign up for and pay the initial premiums for
the plans chosen. In Connecticut, the opening day saw a
whopping 22 people (yes, I'm being pointedly humorous
here!) enroll for plans offered under the act's umbrella.
Washington D.C. had around 170 registrants. Your Badger
State Peasant has yet to see any numbers from my home
state, but I heard how some members of the TV media tried
accessing the site to see what there is to see and to share with
their audience, and they got an air message stating that access
was not possible at that time due to technical difficulties,
and that they should try again sometime later. And the system
did not crash because of any great rush of people chomping
at the bit to sign up for Obamacare; the trouble started before
the Grand Opening of the site! Some accounts have it that
problems manifested the night before, befuddling IT personnel.
And this is the smooth, efficiently functioning web site that
the Huckster-in-Chief promised all that would be awaiting
them and that registration would be quick and easy. Of course
he also said that under this legislation that we could keep our
doctors and our health care coverage plans if we liked them
and wanted to keep them. But there's more bugaboos in this
dubious setup:

*A study released by the Society of Actuaries predicts that
costs will soar an average of 32% by 2017 for insurers serving
the individual health care market.

*Economists, business owners, and employees all report that
Obamacare is shrinking the number of full-time jobs as they
are being replaced by lower-paying part-time jobs, which are
also mush less stable than the outgoing full-time positions had

*A Quinnipiac University poll shows two-thirds of self-
identified Democrats expect the law will either hurt them or have
no benefit.

*Obama and his pals are trying to rush implementation of their
health scam lickety-split, above the protestations of the Repub-
lican members of Congress and a growing majority of the

And life in America goes on.


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