Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Most Crowning Insult

My fabulous readers, your beloved Peasant has been
a political activist for close to forty years; there is very
little that I have not yet seen, especially that which
surprises, shocks, or befuddles me. But this week, I came
across a story that outrages me beyond words, a story
that has made me more angry, far more angry than
any other story from the political realm (or any other
realm for that matter). This story has enraged me even
more than when President Carter gave away the Panama
Canal with the help of a senate which cavalierly ignored
the protestations of the American people who were
concerned about the very possible negative impact that
the loss of control over the canal might have on our
national security, as well as that of the region where the
canal is located.

An Honor Flight group of World War II veterans which
traveled from Chicago to visit the WWII Memorial in
Washington D.C. arrived at the memorial only to find it
barricaded by order of the White House. This shameful
event came about because of the impasse over the
budget talks in Congress, and President Obama's reluctance
to negotiate in good faith with Congressional Republicans;
the GOP members compromised twice on Obamacare,
going from repealing to defunding to delaying the program's
implementation for a year, in large part due to the individual
mandate provision still being upheld for individuals and
families while exemptions made for unions and some
large corporations as well as members of Congress and
of course (doesn't it figure?) the First Family, and
systemic difficulties cropping up on the morning of the
first day of registration for Obamacare resulting in so
very, very few enrollees nationwide, with very few
people even gaining access to the registration web site
just to have a look at what the plan offers. As of today,
the technical malfunctions still abound. Now, the HHS
and the Obama Administration had three years to set up
the web site and get it ready for their October 1, 2013
debut; they STILL couldn't get it ready for the big day!
But our imperial prez wouldn't hear of it! Full speed
ahead with his health care plan or no budget deal.
The GOP would not give any more (Bravo to them
for showing some backbone!) so the deadline for
reaching an agreement came and went with no deal.
The Government shut down except for "essential"
staff and functions. Apparently, it was not deemed
"essential" by the Elitist-in-Chief to have the WWII
Monument kept open for this group of 90-year-old
soldiers, sailors, and marines to visit and to remember
their fallen friends in the biggest, bloodiest war that
ever took place, a war that was for the preservation of
freedom and democracy in the world. These members
of our "Greatest Generation" might not get another
opportunity to visit this gesture of gratitude made just
for them, as they are now aged, frail and not long for
this mortal plane. But all that be damned; there's politics
to pay attention to. And there's a chance to make the
GOP the fall guy for the budget talks stopping without
an accord. Oh yes, Obama and his minions want to con
these vets, our grand heroes, along with the rest of the
populace believe that the Republicans caused the budget
impasse and the closure of places like the WWII Memorial
with it. 

But these brave warriors from a long-concluded war showed
all just how they came to be called The Greatest Generation.
They had an ace up their sleeve. With some congressional
Republicans in the amassed crowd watching, some of the
vets stepped up to the barricades, unhooked them from one
another, and simply moved them aside! This done, they all
came forward to have a proper visit to their memorial, their
monument to their steadfast service and harrowing sacrifice.
And to give his Self-Imagined Majesty Obama a huge PR
black eye! Oh, to have been there to witness this first-hand!

And His Nibs' response? Maintaining the closure of the
national monuments like this one, along with the national
parks and forests, and all other places under the Department
of the Interior's purview, along with this arrogant provision:
that anyone trying to do what these elder patriots did at the
WWII monument be arrested for trespassing. This is what
further fuels your outraged Peasant's rage!

So what does this mean? Will any subsequent Honor Flight
vet groups planning to visit this site or any similar site that
is under the auspices of Uncle Sam have handcuffs clicked
around their bony wrists, their delicate bodies which once
got them through the battlefields of Europe and the pacific,
performing almost super-human acts in crushing the enemy
and freeing nations from the foe's iron grip, hauled up out
of wheelchairs and shoved into paddy wagons to drive them
to police stations to book and jail these heroes? Or will
these ever-brave souls face gun-wielding guards threatening
to shoot them if they don't move along quietly and go home
without seeing the monument created as a gift of love and
gratitude for their heroic actions in a dark chapter of our
country's and our world's history?

One of your favorite Peasant's favorite conservative radio
talk show hosts, Mark Levin, announced on his show that
if the government, through its guards, lays a finger on any
one of these honored veterans, that he will mobilize a throng
of 500,000 Americans to protest right there on those very
grounds. This would send a clear and unmistakable message
of dissent, rebuke, and repudiation of our grandeur-deluded,
hyper-elitist, contemptuous abomination of a president and
his political allies.

And your loyal Peasant will be in that gathering.


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