Monday, October 7, 2013

Tom Clancy, R.I.P.

Tom Clancy, insurance salesman-turned-bestselling author
of political thrillers which include "The Hunt for Red October",
"Clear and Presnet Danger", and "Patriot Games", passed away
at the age of 66. No cause of death was determined for the renown
conservative, who has a final novel, "Commnad Authority" set
for release in December. A movie adaptation of a recent novel,
"The Sum of All Fears", is set for a Christmas Day release date
this year.

Among Clancy's fans were President Ronald Reagan, whom the
author met. Clancy also met Presidnet Bill Clinton, of whom he
remarked was someone of great charm but possessing
"no character at all". Uber-left Hollywood took a shine to Clancy's
espionage and international political novels, promptly optioning
several stories of his featuring CIA hero Jack Ryan into hit
films starting with "October". Although not at all keen on Clancy's
brand of politics, Hollywood certainly recognized a cash cow in

Unlike so many books which come under the international political/
espionage genre, Clancy's novels presented our country's real-life
enemies, i.e. the Soviets and the radical Islamists rather than showing
our military or our government as the villains. Tom Clancy was an
unapologetic, patriotic American who loved his country and refused
to embrace any politically correct, revisionist claptrap in his books,
in contrast to what Hollywood is enamored with and romanticizes
in too many other movies. This man wrote for the like-minded,
make no mistake! His death comes on the heels of another author of
similar adventure novels with the same perspective, Vince Flynn.
Although not quite as well known as Clancy, Flynn showed his
unabashed conservatism in his books as had Clancy.

Our country has lost a fine storyteller who presented America
in an honest light in each of his novels. Clancy wrote for Americans
who saw our our country as the champion of freedom in our world
and not its foe. He will be greatly missed. Rest well, Mr. Clancy;
your work is your testament.


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