Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Special Announcement

My grand readers, your favorite Peasant has a special
treat in store for you! I was asked by a dear friend and
fellow conservative if I could let her be a guest on this
blog, posting a special piece to share regarding the fast-
upcoming election (next week!). We shall be getting
together before the big day, Tuesday November 8, to
put her essay forth for your perusal and edification.

This friend of mine, April Dubis, like me, is a conserva-
tive independent, disenchanted with the Republican Party
and for the same reasons, Catholic, pro-life, and very
concerned about the election upon us and the course
our country is on and its prospects for changing course
and trajectory. I think you're going to find that her
thoughts will resonate with you, and that you will get
much from what she has to say! And, she is an avid reader
of this blog as well!

Anyway, we'll be posting before November 8, but we're
not sure which day, so check back here every so often
between now and the day. Thank you, my beloved readers,
for welcoming April! God bless!


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