Saturday, November 12, 2016


With the presidential election now concluded, and the outcome
in our favor, let us my dear and loyal readers savor this golden
moment and join together in celebration!

Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential show-
down, and the Obama-Clinton socialist hex of the past nearly eight
years! Trump, with the help of so very many cheesed-off Americans
overcame the vicious, hateful name-calling of the left-wingers;
their pom-pom girls and boys in the lamestream media backing them
up, the political prognosticators and pundits across the political spec-
trum proclaiming en masse that Trump never had a chance; the
Republican National Committee turning its back on Trump,
begrudging him funds to help get his message out; so many more
obstacles and challenges in addition to win the big prize!
And this being the Veterans Day holiday weekend, what a gift
to our long-suffering military people, past and present, who have
been given the back of the current regime's hand all this while!
And Veteran's Day greetings to you, our brave warriors!

Lord knows Donald Trump wasn't our ideal candidate, my grand
readers; your skeptical Peasant has voiced his concerns on this
blog, and I couldn't bring myself to endorse Trump in this
election, but I urged you all to vote for our country and elect
a candidate who would be much more likely to help us to turn
her and both her political and economic fortunes around as
opposed to a technocratic elitist who would double down on
the debilitating policies of her predecessor. And you delivered
the knockout punch to clinch the victory for Donald Trump
and for We the People! Congratulations and heartfelt gratitude
to you!

We and Donald Trump are the Chicago Cubs of politics; as the
Cubs went to the World Series for the first time in a lifetime
and won it for the first time in two lifetimes, we upset the
formidable and forboding forces which stood in our way!
2016 is the year of miracles!

Thank you all for your hard work, your prayers, your financial
contributions to the campaign, your letters to the editors of
your local newspapers and national publications, e.g. The Wall
Street Journal and such, and most importantly, your votes! We
showed the world what people can do when they are motivated,
informed, and determined to establish and maintain the govern-
ment they demand, ignoring the odds and the dangers! This is
what the United States is all about! This is what the American
people, the "can do" people, are all about! Excelsior!


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