Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Peasant's Take on This Election

Your grateful Peasant is so happy that you, my fabulous readers,
have so warmly received my dear friend and fellow conservative
April Dubis, enjoying her guest post so! This is the first time that
I have had a guest write a piece on this blog, and your favorite
Peasant will certainly bring April back in the future, and shall
have some other fellow conservatives to share their thoughts
and observations on the political scene as well!

In the meantime, as today is indeed our D-Day, as dear April
put it so aptly in her post, and the polls will remain open for a
little while more, my message regarding the election is this:
Donald Trump is, to be sure, not an ideal candidate for the
presidency, I cannot excuse let alone condone the outrageous
things he has said, and his lack of study on some very crucial
issues has been mind-numbing. But at least he is not rotten to
the core like Hillary Clinton, just megalomaniacal. Yes, that
can certainly pose some problems down the road, but Trump
at least seems to have an appreciation for our Constitution
and its enumeration of rights and restraints, especially restraints
on our government, while Clinton has the same disdain for same,
just like the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and will
certainly pick up where he will leave off when his final term
concludes in January. And for all the despicable things that Trump
has said about women, at least he never tried to have his way
with them as Clinton's husband has done --- and let's not
forget that Hill has enabled Bill to cut a swath through not a small
quanitity of women in their shared political career by heading
up their "bimbo eruption" team, designed to discredit and
disgrace his victims. I cannot endorse Trump, with all his baggage,
but I do endorse our great country and therefore urge support
for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for the president. Trump
may help it, Clinton would definitely harm it!

Now a word for my fellow Wisconsinites: U.S. Senator Ron Johnson
is again facing the man he defeated for the senate seat he has so ably
held for a full term. We elected Johnson in 2010 and he has represented
us and our dear Badger State so wonderfully, working for a fairer, saner
tax code, loosening the regulatory noose around the neck of all
businesses big and small, and to make a favorable economic climate
to enable the creation of jobs for displaced workers in Wisconsin
and throughout the country. One must, however, credit his opponent
former Sen. Russ Feingold with having the chutzpah to challenge
Sen. Johnson for that very seat; after being a rubber stamp for the
Obama regime with his votes for passage of Obamacare (and
parroting Obama's lies as to its alleged benefits), the so-called
stimulus packages which only benefited Obama's big business cronies,
not the beleaguered employees in their corporations, the outrageous
expenditures which made for not only larger budget deficits but
record-setting national debt, presently approaching the $20 trillion (!)
mark. And Feingold claimed that he wanted to shrink these two
things; pie crust promises, just like with Obama! Our choice is clear,
your enthusiastic Peasant enthusiastically endorses Se. Ron Johnson
for another term in the U.S. Senate.

And don't forget to support all the fine conservative candidates on the
downticket in your states and communities! We must elect as many
constitution-minded conservatives as we can to turn our country
around and restore our liberty and prosperity, and to leave our
children and coming generations a land where they can follow
their dreams instead of the dictates of elitist politicians and
untouchable, ensconced, unaccountable bureaucrats behind the
pols. If you haven't been to your polling places yet GET DOWN
THERE NOW!!! Our country and our way of life is at stake.
Good luck everyone!


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