Monday, November 7, 2016

Guest Post by April Dubis: D-Day

November 8th is our country's D-Day. No, we are not storming
the beaches at Normandy again, but never before has there been
so much at stake in recent history for both our nation and even
the world.

It is common knowledge that Hillary Clinton is anti-life, anti-family,
and may well get us into a nuclear war in the Middle East. She has
also proven by her plethora of repeated scandals that she is not to be
trusted, not to mention hold the office of the presidency.

Clinton advocates the merciless and horrific killing of innocent
unborn babies through abortion at any time during pregnancy.
If these voiceless little ones have no chance of survival through
these unjust and evil laws that sanction their deaths then what's
to protect anyone who is less than her ideal? A person's age,
fitness, race, creed, ideology, etc. could then be used as an
excuse to declare then expendable. This is not far fetched!

The former First Lady, acceding to the LGBT mentality, again
reflects that she has no respect for the natural law as given by our

Sadly, Clinton has not minced words regarding the use of nuclear
warheads being used as a first strike against Iran and Russia.
Does she want to ignite World War III?

Regarding the decisive, far-reaching consequences of Hillary being
elected, an item of crucial importance here: According to Texas
State Supreme Court Justice Don Willet, "When Americans vote in
November they're choosing not just a president but thousands of
presidential appointments, including hundreds of life-tenured judges."
And these judges presiding over the lower federal courts have many
more cases than does our U.S. Supreme Court (not to mention that
several Supreme Court justices will be appointed as well!). Do we
trust Hillary to make these crucial appointments? I think not!

Clinton is a woman without scruples or even a heart. Case in point:
the infamous Benghazi debacle. Those familiar with the tragic story
know that Ambassador Christopher Stevens made repeated pleas
over 600 (!) for months, begging for more and better security. With no
response forthcoming from then Secretary of State Clinton the
Pentagon stepped in and importuned her to authorize special U.S.
forces to be deployed (they were ready and able!). She coldly
declined, leaving Stevens, along with U.S. Foreign Information Service
Officer Glen Smith, with security specialists Glen Doherty and
Tyrone Woods perish in the eight-hour siege at our compound.
Then, for bad measure she lied to their family members as to how
and why they died, as well as to the entire nation. Is this someone
we want for President? I think not! Basically, one's life isn't worth
a dime to Clinton unless it is valuable to her agenda!

There is so very much more that I could say regarding Clinton's sordid
past, not to mention her husband Bill's past. Suffice it to say that all
this and more can be found on the Internet.

Finally, as William Wilberforce, who bravely spent thirty years leading
the battle to abolish slavery in his native England once said, "You may
choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did
not know." We do in fact know that Jesus Christ said, "The truth shall
set you free." Free from lies, corruption, selfishness, violence, fear, and
all manner of evil.

May we as a countryonce again welcome God and His life-giving
principles as our American forefathers espoused. And may we all
pray for a good outcome to this most decisive and crucial election
and vote according to enlightened consciences. May the best man win!

April Dubis

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