Thursday, November 8, 2012

From "Morning in America" to "Mourning in America"

The 2012 presidential election has concluded
and not in the way that we, my fabulous readers,
have hoped.

Despite a campaign by Republican Mitt Romney
which pointed out the many failings of the current
regime and its head, President Barack Obama will
keep the title and the office for another four years,
and our country may not be able to stand the strain.
After the nationwide embrace of limited government
alternatives along with market-based solutions to
economic problems which repudiated the big govern-
ment having manifested at the state level in many
states across the land, your faithful Peasant's
Wisconsin prominently among them, the fervor
stalled short of reaching the White House.
Additionally, the Senate was untouched by this
wave, although a couple of Tea Party-backed
candidates were elected (Ted Cruz in Texas;
Deb Fischer in Nebraska). In fact, the Democrats
picked up a few seats there.

So many questions abound in the aftermath of this
debacle: Why did Gov. Mitt Romney lose? Why
couldn't the Republicans win that handful of seats
in the Senate needed to take control of that chamber?
Why didn't the Republicans' message of smaller,
responsible, less wasteful and more thrifty government
and more jobs resonate with more voters? Do most
American women actually believe the Democrats'
lie about the GOP waging a war on their gender?
In my coming postings your studious Peasant will explore
these and other related questions in order to assemble
a comprehensive post mortem, along with offering
ideas to remedy whatever it was that stopped us
just short of reclaiming our country's government
for We the People. For now, let us take some time
to grieve, as the events of the day before yesterday
were not unlike the death of a dear relation or a
close friend. The sense of loss is just as acute, painful,
and heart-wrenching. And it is good to grieve;
grieving is a way of dealing with the flood of
such powerful, immobilizing emotions which
stop us cold where we stand, preventing us from
proceeding with the work in our lives. We must
take time to grieve. We must take time to soothe
our wounded emotions. We must take time to
bind our inner wounds.

Then, we must dry our tears, pick ourselves up,
straighten our backs, and get ready to KICK ASS,

Our work shall continue. It must! We have a nation to
save, and the sense of urgency has heightened with the
sad results of the very recent national election. Since
we failed to stop the Obama juggernaut, we can at
least slow it down. There's a mid-term election in 2014
which we should prepare for, as it will be our best
opportunity to achieve this objective. And all the while,
we conservatives must explore out talent pool to find
and recruit the best candidates for the House, the Senate,
and the White House. Come 2016, we should have a
stellar slate of candidates for these offices, especially the
presidency; let's face it, the GOP field of presidential
candidates left much to be desired. Your discerning
Peasant did not and would not endorse a candidate
before the Republican convention in Tampa, as I could
not find a strong, credible, conservative candidate in
the field, so I waited until just before the election to
make my endorsement of the eventual nominee, Gov.
Romney. Despite his flaws, and he sure has quite a few,
he would have been a vast improvement over the

In the meantime, let us take to heart the wise words of
one of the greatest statesmen and men of action that the
world has ever known, Sir Winston Churchill:

"Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never,
never, never give in!"

As Britain's Prime Minister during WWII, Churchill and
Britain faced the full might of Hitler's war machine. London
was blitzed by Hitler's Luftwaffe. The country needed
supplies, weapons, planes, and ships to fight Germany.
But Churchill rallied the British people to courageously
stand their ground. They resisted, they fought back,
they broke the blitz, and together with the allied forces
they defeated Hitler and the axis powers. They made a
stand and dug in their heels. They would not give in,
they would not give up, they would not give any quarter.
And that, my fabulous readers, is exactly what we must
do at this critical time. We may have lost a battle two
days ago, but we can still win this war, the war for the
direction and the soul of our beloved United States of

Let's get to work!


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