Friday, November 2, 2012

The Thompson-Baldwin Senate Race Comes Down to the Wire

Your swamped Peasant has been remiss in not giving
time and attention to one of the most important U.S.
Senate races in the country, a race taking place in my
home state of Wisconsin: the race between former
Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson (R) and U.S.
Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D). Here at the eleventh hour,
I shall make amends.

Also, I must confess that I have seen only one of the
debated between the contestants. However, there were
plenty of fireworks from the battling pair which I have
seen and have seen accounts of more of the same in their
two other debates. There is much contrast and little love
between the ex-governor and the congresswoman, to be

Here's the contrast: Democrat Baldwin has been ranked
as Most Liberal member of Congress in 2010 and 2011
by the National Journal. The periodical and some other
sources say that Baldwin is to the left of former House
Speaker and current House Minority Leader Nancy
Pelosi --- and Pelosi's liberalism is hard-core and
miles deep! She loves taxation like a drunkard loves
booze; Baldwin even co-sponsored the Buffet Rule
Legislation, named for multi-millionaire and investor
Warren Buffet, who believes that wealthy people
can and should pay more in taxes and believes that
they should be happy to do so. Big talk from one who
has had a running battle with the IRS over his own tax
bills and payments dating back ten years. Now, I must
point out that not everyone who has drawn-out disagree-
ments with the IRS have necessarily done anything
wrong regarding their taxes, but many wealthy liberals
take deductions or place money into certain tax
shelters which the IRS deems questionable, if not
illegal, and then the limo libs find out that the same
tax laws that the "little people" have to obey also
applies to them as well. And the lesson is learned
not without a little chagrin and a lot of pain.

Baldwin also is foursquare behind Obamacare, the
legislation championed by President Obama which
gives the federal government control over one-sixth
of our economy in almost completely taking over our
health care industry. The congresswoman from Madison
avers that she was initially in favor of a more sweeping
national health care system, a la Canada's single-payer
system in which the government would have absolute
control, but decided to back Obama's plan as a step
in that direction. This must be Baldwin's "moderate"
stance on the issue, taking the "middle ground" (your
bemused Peasant sarcastically states).

In addition, the extremist congresswoman supports
federal gun control legislation, gaining her an "F"
from the National Rifle Association. She also favors
all provisions of TARP and the Stimulus sham.
The US Chamber of Commerce rates her at 23%
for her votes on economic legislation.She also wants
to keep the Estate Tax and the "Marriage Penalty",
the latter taxing the earnings of both spouses combined.
No rest for those wicked ol' taxpayers in Baldwin's

On abortion, Baldwin has a 100% rating from NARAL
and Emily's List, two big abortion advocacy organizations.
She even supports the Partial Birth method of abortion,
a method so grisly that more than a few pro-choice
folks draw the line at that procedure. Here, Baldwin
stands with President Obama; these pols apparently
never came across an abortion that they didn't like.
I could go on, but you get the point about Baldwin and
her raw leftism. One bit of good news: Baldwin was
able to get passage for only three of the 105 bills that
she sponsored in Congress.

Republican Thompson, on the other hand, takes the
opposite stands on each of these issues and related
legislation. While governor of Wisconsin Thompson
cut taxes an astonishing total of 91 times; this includes
both income and property taxes. He implemented the
historic Welfare Reform legislation in the Badger State
which added work requirements and shrank welfare
participation by an astounding 93%. Furthermore,
he got eliminated Wisconsin's inheritance tax.

Thompson created the nation's first private school
voucher system, winning the support of some
Democrats in the legislature to get it passed and
implemented. This law gives children from
economically disadvantaged families an escape
from the inefficient, ineffective, and financially
wasteful public school system by making it possible
to attend private schools, including religious schools,
for a better education. This system became the model
for the rest of the country to emulate.

Thompson wants to repeal Obamacare and replace it
with market-based reforms; opposes gun control
legislation; supports pro-life legislation. He
beileves that human babies have a right to live,
as without the right to life, all other rights are

Furthermroe, the ex-governor opposes UN inter-
ference with our sovereignty via measures such as their
Agenda 21 proposals. Thompson wants to preserve
our self-rule, thus keeping our country sovereign
and free.

On abortion, Thompson is 100% pro-life, in perfect
contrast and opposition to Baldwin's gung-ho stance
on the subject. The former governor is a friend to
working people, businesspeople, taxpayers, students,
the unborn, and people who want to be able to defend
themselves, their families, their homes and businesses
without undue and unfair restrictions on firearms;
apparently the lefty congresswoman has no regard
for any of these folks.

Most importantly, electing Tommy Thompson would
help in taking back the Senate from the Democrats and
give the Republicans control of both chambers of
Congress in six years. And in electing Mitt Romney
as our new president we would be giving him a
Congress that he could work with, thus assisting him
in ridding us of Obamacare and the rest of Obama's
statist legislation and easing our tax burden, our
regulatory burden, and other noxious burdens foisted
upon us since Obama took office. For these reasons,
your favorite Peasant endorses Tommy Thompson
for the U.S. Senate.

My fellow Wisconsinites, the choice couldn't be more


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