Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Choice is Clear

Friends, we are at the eleventh hour and the fifty-ninth minute
of this year's election season. Election Day is fast upon us, and
our choices are clearly marked and presented for us. We have
the opportunity to elect a leader who will work to restore our
prosperity, our liberty, and the respect and prestige that our
nation had enjoyed in the world before the ascendancy of the
current regime. We can choose a leader who will respect and
work to restore our religious liberty. We can pick a leader who
will make it possible for businesses to do business; for workers
to work --- without worrying about whether their jobs will
either be shipped overseas or die off, and without worrying
about unions coercing them to join their ranks; for individuals
and families to have affordable health care that will not force
them to go to a doctor not of their choosing or to ration them
out of vital medical treatment --- and force everyone to pay
via ever-increasingly exorbitant taxes to prop up such a system;
who will provide protection when requested by our ambassadors
and their staffers in our embassies and consuls without delay,
and will give our military the support they need to do their job
as well as to give them the medical and other support that they
need upon returning home without bureaucratic game-playing.

We can stand with a leader who will not give "politically correct"
labels to horrible events such as the shooting of our soldiers
on one of our military bases here at home by a radical Muslim
"fifth columnist", and the murder of one of our ambassadors
and some of his staff by radical Muslims in a distant land, but
rather would condemn these atrocities for what they are.

We can install a leader who will respect life, and do all that he
can to protect and preserve life for the unborn as well as for
the aged and infirm, as well as for all in between. We can
select a leader who does not just give lip service to respecting
women, but actually does so and has done so in his business
as well as in his political administration, and does not talk down
to women --- including in his campaign advertisements.

We can vote in a leader who will spend more time with us
"regular folk", and listen to our ideas and our concerns, instead
of spending more time schmoozing with show-biz celebrities
at glitzy, astronomically expensive fundraising parties. We can
bring in a leader who will be fiscally prudent; who will not
continue to tax and spend us into oblivion, and ignore our cries
to STOP! We can get behind a leader who will be respectful
of the Constitution instead of being scornful of it. We can ---
and we must --- back a leader who gives more than a tinker's
damn about our country and we, her people, and the generations
to come.

Or we can re-elect the leader that we currently have.

The choice, my wonderful readers, is ours ---  and ours alone
--- to make. We must make that choice on Tuesday,
November 6. The Peasant endorses Mitt Romney unabashedly,
unequivocally, and unapologetically. Come join me in the final
push to put Mitt Romney into the White House. Our country,
and the future generations of Americans, depend on it.


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