Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veterans' Day Approaches

My fabulous readers, Veterans' Day is tomorrow
(yes, I know, Veterans' Day will be officially
observed the following day, Monday the twelfth,
as November 11 will be a Sunday). Let us take
time to remember why we have the freedom that
we, as Americans enjoy; they were fought for
to win and fought for to preserve and pass along
to successive generations of Americans to the
present day by our brave military folk. It may
seem like a trite little bumper sticker slogan,
but is a profound truth --- if you enjoy your
freedom, thank a vet! Your grateful Peasant
wishes to thank all of our current and former
military people for their dedication and sacrifice
for this noble prize. I am grateful for the many
people in my family in uniform going back to the
Revolutionary War who have served our country
in the various branches of our country's military.
Minors and extended family have served and
fought to free and establish what were a
handful of English colonies as an independent
and sovereign nation, and saw action in the War
of 1812, the Mexican American War, the Civil
War, Both World Wars, the Korean War,
and the Vietnam War. Your humble Peasant
will be forever grateful and indebted to these
courageous ancestors, as well as to friends who
in recent years have served, some seeing combat
in the current wars that our nation is engaged in.

God bless our brave veterans! We should think of
them and thank them all throughout the year, every
year, not just on this special day dedicated to them.
As your appreciative Peasant maintains, freedom
isn't free; it comes with a steep price but it is not
a luxury, rather it is a necessity. And the price
applies not just to its acquisition but to its preser-

Again, God bless our brave veterans, and God bless


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