Thursday, November 15, 2012

Schedules Can Be Merciless

My fantastic readers, your encumbered Peasant has to take
a little time to tend to some business matters which have
already put me behind as far as getting material ready for
my next post. I do apologize to you all.

With Thanksgiving coming next week, I shall be even harder
pressed to make my next posting. I shall do the best I can,
but please don't be disappointed if I end up not posting
next week. If I do find time to post, it will likely be on the
Friday immediately following Thanksgiving, or else that
Saturday or Sunday. But I assure you that I shall rejoin
you as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, here's a brief item: apparently, there have been
some problems with voting computers in the cities that use
them (here in Wisconsin, we simply mark paper ballots and
feed them into a tabulating machine). Some voters touched
the screens to select Mitt Romney as their presidential pick
but the screen would signal that they cast their votes for
President Obama. Now, in each case that your alert Peasant
has heard the voters in question were able to delete their votes
and vote again, and ultimately be acknowledged by the tech
works that their votes went for Romney. It seemed, when
the news of these incidents broke, that all this was taking
place in just one or two cities, maybe a few more than that.
However, further revelations have shown that this has been
a more widespread occurrence which has taken place in
many cities in several states, the states in question having
been carried by Obama. Have the voters who faced this
problem been able to get their votes for Romney put
through as just that, or were some of their Romney votes
getting counted as votes for Obama? Were there any
instances of voters trying in vain to get some of these
computers to accept and recognize their Romney votes,
having given up after so many tries and not getting
adequate assistance from polling precinct officials?
Of course I shall be on the lookout for more information
regarding this story, and will share it with you as I
receive it. This was a pretty close election, and
although I am not casting aspersions upon anyone or
anything these reported incidents must be investigated
thoroughly. Also, there have been stories of possible
vote fraud from various places including, I'm sorry to
say, my city of Milwaukee. We'll sort all this out in
the days ahead.

Meanwhile, your favorite Peasant wishes all of you
a Happy Thanksgiving! May you, my grand readers,
get to spend the holiday with those whom you love!


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