Thursday, December 11, 2014

Celebrating the Unconscionable

Planned Parenthood of Colorado gave an award to
their Aurora abortion facility for --- sit down with a
strong drink, my wonderful readers --- exceeding
abortion visits versus those of the previous year, so
say multiple news reports. This is proof, as if any
more such proof were needed, that PP is first and
foremost in the business of performing and encour-
aging abortions; their constant claims of being a
"women's health" resource is a flimsy smokescreen.

Establishing abortion quotas for its clinics, and handing
out awards for surpassing them, is unconscionable.
But then, we're talking about an organization that
devalues human life for the sake of convenience,
for a price. Gee, I wonder if the Ku Klux Klan
has, now or ever, handed out awards to its
chapters for lynching a certain number of black
people, or if Hitler's concentration camps vied
for a prize from Der Fuhrer himself for achieving
a goal of some number of Jews killed?

If we as a nation do not once again prize human
life, and work to eliminate human problems rather
than human beings, then our nation should lose its
right to call itself civilized. There is no point to your
saddened Peasant writing a long and plaintive essay
here, because we know what course we have to take
to make this happen. We must continue our efforts to
educate the public about what abortion really does,
and what its consequences are. And we must work
for the election of public officials who will work to
eradicate this gruesome practice and cast it upon the
dung heap of history alongside slavery.

Our nation has made mistakes along the way, some of
them truly awful. But it has always endeavored to make
amends, starting with deinstitutionalizing the practices
which begat these dark deeds. We dare not fall short
on abortion, or else we cease to guarantee life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness, for without the first of
these the second and third are irrelevant.


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