Thursday, December 4, 2014

Is The Constitution Still Relevant? (Part II)

Your faithful Peasant has had a remarkable stroke of luck,
with a cancellation of an important appointment by the
person I was to get together with today I have a windfall
of time, so I thought I'd use it to our advantage, my great
and wonderful readers. So without further delay, here are
my thoughts and observations on President Obama's
controversial Immigration Speech of November 20.

President Obama stated that our immigration system is
broken. Of course it is; he and his fellow Dems broke it.
They not only refused to continue to build the border
fence along the U.S.-Mexican border which was begun
under the presidency of his predecessor, President George
W. Bush, They placed restrictions on our border patrol
personnel and ICE (Immigration and Customs
Enforcement), lessening their latitude in effectively
carrying out their duties in policing our borders and
seeking out criminals who have illegally entered our
country, especially criminals involved in drug trafficking.
The president went on to say that the number of people
trying to illegally cross our borders is at the lowest
levels since the '70s, buttressing his words proclaiming
"Those are the facts!". Gee, since when has this president
ever gotten chummy with facts about anything? And
with so many people having crossed over to come here
just in the years he has been in office, resulting in five
million illegal residents (whom he re-terms "undocumented
aliens", another one of his politically correct euphemisms
which he employs to sugar-coat a great wrong!) residing
in our country, although your detail-minded Peasant does
not have statistics on hand at this time to prove or disprove
this assertion I have a strong feeling that once again our
president is playing fast and loose with the truth.

Obama went on to say that his program for immigration
reform would, among other things, give more resources
to our border guards to aid them in their duties. What
would help the border guards more would be if the
president would lift the restrictions on how they execute
their duties so they can round up more illegals as they
sneak over the border. He further stated that he would
make it easier for graduate students, entrepreneurs,
and highly-skilled immigrants to remain here and
"contribute to our economy". Obama sure hasn't made
it easier for our own entrepreneurs to build and maintain
their businesses with his outrageous taxes and red tape
either preventing new businesses and accompanying
jobs from being created or has choked off business
expansion. Would he give breaks of any kind to the
entrepreneurs from outside our country that he has
not (and likely would not) give ours? Moving on,
Obama stated that his program would "take steps
to deal 'responsibly' with the millions of undocumented
immigrants already here"; some of these steps we know
already, including putting them on a "fast track" to
attain citizenship, cutting out the costs and some of the
steps, such as physical check-ups complete with chest
x-rays to look for heart and respiratory diseases. The
check-ups have long been employed to ensure that we
would not be admitting anyone into our country that
could possibly spread disease, or at least be a burden
on our society, but apparently Obama thinks that
such measures are somehow discriminatory.

What was most galling about his speech was his
proclaiming that his program would ensure that our
immigration laws would be strengthened and better
upheld; that "we're a nation of laws."


I had to let that out; I know that you, my equally
exasperated readers, share this sentiment! This same
president who very recently claimed that he couldn't
wait for Congress to act by passing an immigration
bill of its own, that "I have a phone and a pen,"
meaning that he was ready to circumvent Congress
with an end-run around it and the Constitution in
order to get his act passed, sanctimoniously boasts
that ours is a nation of laws! This man is a dictator
wanna-be! He forced his rotten, unworkable, expensive
health care scheme upon us despite our demands that
he scrap his so-called Affordable Health Care Plan
and start over in drafting a truly affordable, workable,
and efficient plan that we could more easily participate
in, ignoring our will and wishes as if we were mere
peasants rather than the citizens that we in fact are,
and now he is taking the same tack with his awful
immigration bill, which has woefully little support
from the populace, who want for starters the closure
of our southern border. With a closed border, we
could more easily deal with the many illegal aliens
already here without having to face continuing waves
of more illegals entering our country, otherwise we
would have absolute chaos in trying to maintain our
country and its laws, And Obama wants to push ahead
with his program, which is essentially executive
amnesty. And we all have seen what comes of the
abuse of executive orders by a mendacious power-
monger for a president! Executive orders were never
meant to take the place of Congress and its function as
the legislative branch of our federal government; it is
solely for the expediting of bills signed into law by the
president, who represents the executive branch of
our federal government. This is spelled out in the
Constitution, that pesky piece of paper which the
president finds so irritating, so confining, so big of
a wet blanket to the statist partying and good-timing
that he wants to revel in. Obama scolded Congress
in his speech, demanding "Pass a bill, ... so the actions
I take will no longer be necessary." Heil, Obama!

Obama continued by saying that no deportations of
undocumented immigrants would take place. Fair
enough. It would take a super-monumental effort to
round up, bring into immigration court, and go through
the entire procedure to deport all of the five million
such immigrants already here, some having been here
since before Obama's ascendancy to the presidency.
But what would he do with those who engage in
criminal activity while here? And what of those who
came here to further carry out the illegal drug trade?

His Imperial Presidential Majesty made an amusing
comment when he then said that "Americans are tired
of gridlock." Is that why we elected a Republican
House in 2010 and a Republican Senate last month?
I think that the majority of the American people want
gridlock, so that Obama will be restricted in what all
he wants to ram down our throats during his remaining
time in the White House. He was elected in good faith,
but has since acted in bad faith toward us, so we have
sent Republican majorities to both chambers of Congress
to chaperone our wild-with-power president.

In closing, Obama really outdid himself with quoting a
line from Scripture: "We should not oppress a stranger,"
saying that we were strangers too (meaning our forefathers
who arrived here long ago). What laws were there, in those
days, that our ancestors violated in coming here, I wonder?
Then he finished with saying "God bless this country we
love." If President Barack Hussein Obama truly loves our
country, God help us if he should ever decide to hate it!
The sanctimony, the hypocrisy, and the arrogance was
neck-deep throughout his speech!

Now, let us contact our elected senators and representatives
in Congress and tell them to stop this self-styled autocrat,
and to act with alacrity, if our republic, the Constitution,
and constitutional rule of law is to continue to mean


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