Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Your favorite Peasant wishes you, my dear
and wonderful readers and your families and
friends a very Merry Christmas and a joyful,
prosperous, Happy New Year!

Enjoy each other's company, have a big holiday
feast, watch some Christmas specials on TV
and if you get any snow where you live,
enjoy some sledding and tobogganing too!

And here's a fun idea: If you know anyone
who is either a member of the ACLU
(American Civil Liberties Union) or the
AUSCS (Americans United for Separation
of Church and State), or any other group
which has in mind the intention of abolishing
all public celebration of Christmas, including
to the point of saying "Happy holidays" to
people instead of "Merry Christmas",
walk right up to them, greet them warmly,
take their hand in yours to shake and tell
them "Merry Christmas"! If there is still time
to send off a Christmas card to them or to
the headquarters of any or all of these organizations,
do that as well! You will get their goat, so to
speak, while spreading Christmas cheer!
Also, you will be letting these scrooges know
that you will not be intimidated into silence
about your celebrating this holy day, and you
won't fall in line with their politically correct
strictures which prohibit you from publically
acknowledging and celebrating this day either.

We patriots must be warriors in defense of our
rights, our liberties, and our customs as Americans,
but we can do this with a smile and good cheer!

Merry Christmas from The Peasant! And a Happy
New Year as well!


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