Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good Riddance to Crooked, Racist Rubbish!

Something unexpected but quite wonderful
happened in the waning days of September:
Attorney General Eric Holder resigned.
Out of the blue, or so it seemed, Obama's
AG tendered his resignation to his boss and
long-time friend and political ally.

Holder's resignation drew gasps and sorrow
from congressional Democrats while evoking
cheers from the congressional GOP. Holder
and the latter had a tenuous, tumultuous
relationship over the six years that Holder was
the nation's top law enforcement agent (now that
fact makes your faithful Peasant gasp!).

As U.S. Attorney General, Holder was a busy bee.
He refused to investigate, let alone prosecute, the
Black Panthers in Philadelphia who were using
intimidation tactics to frighten away white, and likely
conservative, voters form the polls on Election Day
in 2012 when Obama was running for re-election.
He gave us the bedlam and confusion, along with the
shooting death of a U.S. Border Patrol officer, of
Operation Fast and Furious, which was allegedly
to show how guns were coming into our country via
the southern border and being used by criminals.
And part of that horrible plan was to let some guns from
the U.S. travel down to Mexico into the hands of criminals
there who would sell or bring the guns with them into our
country to commit crimes with said guns. Holder may well
have, at the very least, given his seal of approval to the IRS
and its unconstitutional persecution of conservative political
groups which dared to dissent over the president's policies.
And he has demanded federal investigations and related
meddling in the gun crimes in individual cities and towns,
i.e. Ferguson, Missouri, in which black criminals were
shot dead by white police while making not a peep about
black criminals fatally shooting white as well as black
victims. By the by, these are just a few of the "highlights"
of Holder's record as Attorney General.

While testifying before Congress on some matters, Holder
bristled and spouted off at Republicans accusing them of,
among other things, disrespecting Holder just for his skin
color (he's black), and doing the same to President Obama.
Sound familiar? That's the stale, tired, groundless charge
that the left-wingers make against us conservatives when
we state the facts and employ logic in our criticisms of
Obama and his presidential performance. We have the
facts, the logic, and the truth, and the lefties don't.
So they engage in childish name-calling and baseless
accusations. Holder is apparently no different.

The only people who will miss Eric Holder are his fellow
lefties, including his patron, President Obama. Let's hope
that Obama will not appoint anyone even worse than Holder to
take his place.


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