Tuesday, March 1, 2011

About the Past Two Days ...

An apology and an explanation are in order, my faithful
readers; for those of you who attempted to access this
blog from Sunday through yesterday, there were some
technical issues which sprang up from Google's end.
You may have heard in the news that Google, the
company which owns Blogger (the blogging site on
which your favorite Peasant makes his Pitchfork's
home) has been beset by a glitch of some sort which
occurred in a Gmail reset. Links to accompanying
articles are posted below for your edification.

Anyone trying to summon up the blog were blocked by
a notice stating that Microsoft Explorer could not open
the file. This was a result of the technical glitch, which
I am happy to report is now solved and all is back to
normal, at least where the Peasant and his Pitchfork
are concerned. And that means, my fabulous readers,
you can enjoy your insightful Peasant's take on the
political and economic issues of the day as usual!

We'll get together again soon!

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