Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Technical Trouble Plaguing Us


My wonderful, loyal readers, I honestly and naively
believed that the technical problems that beset Google
which owns and runs Blogger, the blog site where
"Peasant With A Pitchfork" resides, were solved
once and for all as of last Tuesday. However, this
has proved not to be the case.

I once again apologize to you for any trouble that you
may have encountered in trying to access "Peasant With
A Pitchfork" this week; this is all on Google's end, with
its software bug still affecting thousands of users around
the world. For those of you who were fortunate to have
been able to access PWAP, the Amazon.com ads that
your frustrated Peasant had placed on the right side of the
blog page have disappeared again. I apologize for that as
well. Google has been slow in addressing and rectifying
this difficulty, and they have kept their Google Gmail and
Blogger customers in the dark as to what progress has
been made. I sense a mixture of incompetence and
arrogance, and I have e-mailed my displeasure to Google
on the matter.

Friends, we'll get through this. Let's hang tough, and those
of you who have Google accounts, or just simply visit your
beloved Peasant to enjoy this blog, e-mail Google to voice
your displeasure as well! These people are supposed to be
experts in computer software and internet matters, and
there is NO reason why they should be taking so horribly
long to rectify this bug bugaboo! There's even less reason
why they should not at least keep us up to date on what
they are doing about it! And their bug is keeping us from
getting together for our weekly visits to hash over the
political and economic news of the day!

E-mail, call, or write Google and tell them to get in gear!
We'll resume our weekly gatherings very soon. Thank
you, my fantastic readers, for your patience and


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